8 Best WooCommerce Reports And Analytics Plugins 2024

    Love Shah
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WooCommerce is one of the best e-Commerce plugins in the world. 

If you’re running a web store with WooCommerce, you probably know that it has a section with reports. These reports give you basic insights about your site such as the number of orders, the amount refunded, or the revenue. 

But, if you want to take your store to the next level you definitely need more than that. Perhaps, an advanced reporting system better than the default WooCommerce reports.

To understand what drives your business forward you need more advanced tools. But, that doesn’t mean that they are going to break your bank or are hard to use. 

In fact, advanced reporting plugins will help you:

  • Get to know your customers better to provide great products and services.
  • Improve stock management by fetching relevant data, know what type of products you should sell more, trends over time, etc.
  • Develop suitable marketing strategies by collecting all the necessary information on customers’ behavior and profitable marketing channels to create the best strategies for your site!

Having said that, let’s quickly take a look at the 8 most productive WooCommerce Reports & Analytics plugins, ranging from external app interfaces to enhanced reports in your WordPress dashboard. 

Let’s dig in?

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1. Metorik


Metorik is one of the most preferred reporting tools for WooCommerce. It shows how your store is performing and provides you with detailed insights into your customers. 

It boasts of more than 100 features and provides information about every aspect of your business including product insights, real-time reports, email automation, and more.

And the best part is that it presents the data in a simple way for beginners. It also comes with many pre-designed reports and allows you to create your own design too!

Key Features of Metorik

  • Suggested segments to get you started, like single order customers and repeat customers.
  • Ability to manage customers and their orders right from the Metorik interface.
  • Product, variation, and category reports that show what’s selling best.
  • Integrations with popular help desk systems for easier customer support.
  • Digest emails that can deliver the most important data right to your inbox.
  • Email marketing add-ons for easier marketing.

Pro’s & Con’s of Metorik

Pro’s Con’s
1. 100+ features including real-time reports, infinite segmentation, email automation, customer tools, and many others.1. Their plans are based on the number of orders which may not be the best option for some stores.
2. Multiple reports on product, category, and variation, to generate the list of the best-selling products. 2. Email automation is not as good as the rest of the features in terms of quality and comes at an extra cost.
3. Easy-to-use segmentation features with various assistant options. 
4. Integrated help desk add-ons to offer fast customer support. 
5. Suggested segments for new users. 


The pricing is designed to scale with your business and is calculated on your orders/month.

  • $16.7 for 100 orders per month billed yearly.
  • $41.7 for 500 orders per month billed yearly.

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2. Metrilo


Metrilo is popular for its accuracy because it analyzes data in real-time. This could be a great advantage if your industry is very dynamic and you want to make effective strategic decisions to improve the relationship with your customers.

Its focus on ROI (Return on Investment) is one of its best selling points. It connects marketing performance and sales metrics to give you the whole picture of your business!

Metrilo is more than just surface-level analytics and helps you get a deeper insight to know what’s happening at your store.

Key Features of Metrilo

  • Clear and intuitive dashboard with basic information such as average orders, conversion rates, and revenue.
  • Accurately analyzes data in real-time.
  • Comes with a funnel analysis tool to analyze three different funnels: Product, Shopping cart, Content marketing.
  • Marketing performance reports that let you peek into your store’s performance by channel, for instance –  Facebook ads vs Google searches.
  • Provides a retention analysis tool that allows you to know how effective you’re at turning one-time customers into repeat customers.

Pro’s & Con’s of Metrilo

Pro’s Con’s
1. Customizable and easy-to-use dashboard to highlight the information you want.1. Lacks some essential features such as customer chat support.
2. Integrated email functionality to increase engagement and retention.2. It is quite expensive for a small or medium-scale business.
3. Identifies and counts successful order statuses. 
4. 30+ filters to segment your audience. 


  • Essential Pack – $119/month.
  • Pro Pack – $165/month.

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3. Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

Advanced WooCommerce Reports

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting is a well-known Code Canyon plugin that enhances your in-dashboard charts for a one-time payment, which is a traditional approach.

It aims to improve in-dashboard charts rather than making its users work with a different interface. It comes with a lot of other useful features to amplify your online store’s performance other than the ones that WooCommerce offers by default.

Advanced WooCommerce Reporting stands out in this list because it has additional add-ons that offer more functionalities such as business intelligence, order status, top product views, and more.

Key Features of Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

  • Clean Design & Responsive Layout.
  • Easy to configure dashboard with Useful summarized reports.
  • It adds a lot of different reports to WooCommerce, including an All orders report (a brief report with lots of specific details) Product reports, Category reports, Tax & refund reports, Providence reports, and more.
  • Visual Reports in the form of Pie charts & Bar charts are available to look at, at a glance.
  • Send scheduled reports via email for getting a digest of the most important information for your store.
  • Paid add-ons for Advanced permission controls, Custom taxonomies and fields CrossTab, Variations for more flexibility.

Pro’s & Con’s of Advanced WooCommerce Reporting

Pro’s Con’s
1. Responsive and clean design.1. The plugin contains some bugs.
2. Multiple reports for order status, recent orders, top product views, coupons, sales order summary, and many others.2. Poor customer service.
3. Schedule reporting emails to the shop owner. 
4. Sort your detailed reports by dates and other options. 


  • $51.75 – Regular Annual License.

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4. Product Sales Reports Pro for WooCommerce

Sales Reports Pro

Product Sales Report Pro for WooCommerce is a holistic solution for eCommerce website owners who want to inspect everything from major sales indicators to minor details about consumer behavior.

The basic Product Sales Report plugin creates reports on the quantity and gross sales of individual WooCommerce products sold over a stipulated date range.

However, the pro version also gives you an overview of product trends, while you can use a few more features such as:

Key Features of Product Sales Reports Pro

  • Quickly create sales reports for monitoring sales and making smart decisions.
  • One-click report generation and downloading.
  • Save different reporting templates to complete the job faster the next time you need the same report.
  • Add reports to email messages as an attachment.
  • Add tailor-made input fields aimed at specific products.
  • Include products with no sales optionally.

Pro’s & Con’s of Product Sales Reports Pro

Pro’s Con’s
1. It allows you to see what products are performing best based on quantity or gross sales so you can improve your online sales strategy. You can sort by date range, item, order status, etc.1. Add-ons can lead to slow functionality
2. The upgraded version gives you access to some useful add-ons and integrations like Frontend reports, scheduled email reports, export order items pro. 
3. Compatible with the Frontend Reports for WooCommerce plugin to enable access to preset reports from the frontend via a shortcode or widget. 
4. It allows you to save time while generating different reports. 


  • $59 – Single site Annual License.

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5. Beeketing For WooCommerce

Beeketing for woocommerce

Beeketing is another best reporting plugins for WooCommerce.

It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce and aims to be an all-in-one marketing automation platform for e-commerce websites. This plugin comes with powerful features that every eCommerce store should have to increase sales, optimize conversion rates, and reduce cart abandonment.

Overall, Beeketing for WooCommerce is a great reporting tool and also a strong rival as a marketing platform.

Key Features of Beeketing for WooCommerce

  • 100% customizable templates to suit your store’s look & feel.
  • Easy to use, and responsive design on all devices.
  • Set-under 2 minutes, no coding skills required.
  • Detailed data-driven reports conversion & generate sales.
  • Increases average order value by showing up frequently bought-together products to sell the combo.
  • Supports Language translation.

Pro’s & Con’s of Beeketing for WooCommerce

1. 10+ powerful features to optimize conversion rates, increase order value with cross-sells and up-sells, and boost sales.1. As Beeketing has a large customer base, support can be slow sometimes.
2. Customer chats support and ability to send them welcome emails. 
3. Features to reduce cart abandonment such as cart-level discounts, countdown timer, offer at exit-intent, and more. 


  • Free Version Available.
  • Premium version ranges from $8 – $49 / month with advanced features.

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6. Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

actionable google analytics

Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce store with Google Analytics in just 5 minutes. It allows you to use some of the most essential features of Universal Analytics including User ID tracking and enhanced e-commerce.

Key Features of Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

  • Enables 9 enhanced e-commerce reports in your google analytics account along with the GA tracking of audience.
  • Get an overview report to see the overall state of your business by knowing revenue and Conversion Rate metrics.
  • Allows you to create a product feed and sync using content API to seamlessly manage your feeds from your wp-admin
  • Create and manage smart shopping campaigns with a single click of a button
  • Google Ads conversion tracking and Google Optimize integration in your store.
  • Enables FB pixel tracking

Pro’s & Con’s of Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

1. Quick and easy installation1. Does not support Product Types other than simple products and Variable and Simple Products
2. Google ads and google merchant center account linking2. Only Provides Google Optimize Snippet Adding functionality
3. Allows you to create and manage smart shopping campaigns with a single click of a button3.  No other support to set up Google Optimize Experiments
4. You can schedule your product feed updates based on your requirements 
5. Get smart shopping campaign reports 


  • $135 – Regular Annual License.

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7. WooCommerce Sales Reports Email

WooCommerce sales reports

WooCommerce Sales Report Email is developed and launched by the WooCommerce team, It is a great extension that sends sales reports via email. You can choose to receive emails right at your inbox to know how your store is performing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The best thing about this plugin is that you don’t have to log in to your store to get the information. All you need to do is just check the email when it arrives. That’s it.

Key Features of WooCommerce Sales Reports Email

  • Receive automated sales reports via email from your WooCommerce store.
  • Get a detailed Gross Revenue report – the sum of all your orders within the time selected, with any refunds taken off, and including shipping costs and taxes.
  • Get Informative emails to know which products are performing well in your store.
  • Option to set and schedule multiple reports
  • The Sales Report Emails extension is very easy to use; just enter your email address in the Sales Reports field, and you’re good to go.
  • Compatible with other WooCommerce plugins

Pro’s & Con’s of WooCommerce Sales Reports Email

1. Effortlessly informs you of your store performance by just entering the email address.1. Lacks advanced features and is slightly expensive.
2. Easy to configure and use.2. Sales reports don’t offer in-depth details but provide a summary of the main metrics.
3. No coding required. 


  • $29 – Billed Annually.

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8. WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

Note: A google analytics account is required to use this extension.

If you have no plans of working with another interface and are used to the Google Analytics management dashboard WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro might be the best plugin for you. 

This extension boosts the capabilities of Google Analytics and it provides you with more insights about your store’s traffic, sales, the value of orders, events’ traffic, and more.

One of WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro’s best features is the complete support for analysis on shopping and checkout behavior. This information can help you maximize the user experience and boost your sales.

Key Features of WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

  • Get Insights Into Your WooCommerce Sales Funnel and accordingly take actions to improve.
  • Ability to covert IPs.
  • Track User IDs easily.
  • Track items added and removed from the cart.
  • Adds checkout options to get more insights into checkout choices made by customers, such as selected payment method.
  • Display advertising support.

Pro’s & Con’s of WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

1. Easy to set up.1. This tool has to be integrated into your Google Analytics so if you’re not familiar with GA, it might be difficult to find what you actually want.
2. Detailed tracking tools.2. Google Analytics does not allow partial refund tracking, this extension doesn’t show them in the refund tracking.
3. Ability to exclude shop managers and site admins. 
4. Order refund and cancellation tracking. 
5. More insights on customer behavior like checkout options, checkout behavior analysis reports, and shopping behavior. 


  • $79 – Billed Annually.

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To Sum up,

Getting more up-to-date information about your store can help you take your business to the next level.

And, some of these WooCommerce reporting plugins can give you an edge over your competitors. 

All the plugins discussed here have very strong points but which one is the one for you? That depends mainly on your needs. For instance, if budget is not a problem, Metorik and Metrilo are the best options. Google Analytics Pro is also a good choice if you are familiar with Google Analytics and want something affordable. 

If you think WooCommerce default reports are good enough and just need specific help to analyze shopping behavior, Beeketing for WooCommerce is the one you may find useful.

Is there any plugin we missed in this list? Or have any queries about the plugins mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comment section below!

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