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    LifterLMS Developer


    WordPress LMS Development & Customization Experts

    LifterLMS : A full-fledged Course Creation, Distribution, and Management System for WordPress

    Course Management

    LifterLMS facilitates easy course creation and distribution

    e-Commerce Integration

    LifterLMS integrates with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, which lets you set up an online educational centre at the click of a button!

    Gamification Support

    You can use gamification options to make your course more engaging and fun

    Membership Support

    LifterLMS has integrated Membership functionalities that ensure content restriction and hence content protection

    Student Profiles

    You can create Student Profile Pages with LifterLMS to keep track of your students’ progress

    BuddyPress Integration

    LifterLMS integrates with BuddyPress which adds a dash of social networking functionalities to your online course

    LifterLMS Services We Provide

    LMS Website Setup

    Our experienced LifterLMS developers take every little requirement into account and work proactively, providing recommendations and suggestions as necessary, to design a beautiful course website for you, right from the ground up

    System Integrations

    Integrating LifterLMS with EDD, the ecommerce giant, is a breeze with the help of our developers. Though it is possible to sell courses directly via LifterLMS, EDD provides a much larger scope, considering its advanced functionalities

    Plugin Add-Ons Integration

    Need something over and above the in-built features? Talk to us. Our designers will narrow down upon the exact plugin for your requirement and integrate it into your website seamlessly so that no glitches occur

    Gamification Customization

    Gamification includes adding fun elements like badges, completion certificates, and achievement awards to your site that make the course interesting and improve student engagement. Our developers configure all this and more for your courses

    Memberships Management

    LifterLMS has an in-built membership management system that allows you to create and sell memberships for your course website. This ensures that you can limit access to your content, based on user roles and registrations, and drip feed content to your students

    Quiz Module Development

    LifterLMS supports an automatic weightage system which is very useful in grading quizzes. Our content development team can help you design and customize a powerful quiz, using the plugin’s MCQs feature

    Student Analytics Setup

    Course completion is as important as course enrolment. Keep track of your students’ progress through the course with your Student Analytics Dashboard. You can also manage membership sales, view student profiles, and track popular courses from here

    Payment Gateway Incorporation

    LifterLMS integrates with robust payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe, which we can set up for you in a jiffy. Need a gateway that is country- or currency-specific? No problem! Discuss your requirements with us and we shall integrate the gateway of your choice accordingly

    Social Networking Integration

    The LifterLMS-BuddyPress integration adds a vista of social networking opportunities to your website. The best part, students can access the course directly from their social network profile, which means that they need not log in to the WordPress backend every time they want to access the course!

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    I'm not sure if LifterLMS is the right plugin for me. Can you help?
    We have a comprehensive guide to picking the best LMS on WordPress to get you started. But if you’ve got doubts, you think we can help with you can direct your questions to us right away!

    Yes. Talk to our LifterLMS experts about the changes you need, to get started.

    We ensure the changes our LifterLMS developers make are seamless. But in case there is a need to update the core plugin, which may have an impact on updates, the changes will be discussed with you beforehand.

    We offer free support and maintenance for a set period after the project has been completed. Apart from this, we also offer maintenance packages which you can purchase.