10 years of Wisdm: Thank you to everyone!

    Nitansha Tanwar
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This year marks the 10th ANNIVERSARY of WisdmLabs. This past decade has been full of ups and downs. Wins and challenges. Where we put our blood and sweat together in every project we took up. 

But above everything, these past years have given us 10 years worth of WISDM.

We are truly humbled and grateful for everything we’ve learned and achieved because of your love and support. (Big hugs to EVERYONE)

It’s quite unbelievable when we look back at how far we’ve come as a company. How an idea took form in a tiny office with two people and is now serving clients in over 26 countries!! 

That’s a lot of countries. We think. What even is distance?

Jokes aside,  we’re truly indebted to everyone who has helped make WisdmLabs what it is today – One of the leading open-source web development companies and WordPress experts committed to creating value for the e-commerce and e-learning industries.

On the occasion of our anniversary, we wanted to reflect on our journey so far. Here are some highlights…

A peek at the past

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Now, you might already know that WisdmLabs came to be in 2012. 


It was actually founded in 2011 when our founding members started by taking up freelance projects to help clients with web development.

There was a lot of competition and there still is. But our vision to create solutions that are not only of value at the moment but also capable of growing with our clients is what keeps us moving. 

After launching the website in 2012, we embarked upon a journey to deliver quality solutions and focused on one thing at a time. 

We began with a simple mission statement – Creating value for our stakeholders!

We wanted to challenge how eLearning and eCommerce websites could be tailored down to the finest line. Customizing them for a top-notch user experience while also increasing the ROI for our clients. 

All this while ensuring smooth customer service and that our services and products were compatible with their preferred technology.

We were surely onto something!

 What now looks like

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From offering services to building free and premium products, we’ve been grateful to have some feathers of achievements in our cap. We’re WooExperts, WordPress core contributors, and recommended LearnDash developers (among other things). 

And we’re proud to have a portfolio of solutions that can powerfully equip SMEs to stay competitive and thrive in their domains.

Our best selling products include:

Top-performing LearnDash pluginsReports for LearnDash, Instructor Role, and Group Registration for LearnDash

Top-performing WooCommerce pluginsCustomer Specific Pricing and Custom Product Boxes

From a single entrepreneur’s vision, we’ve evolved into a team that is 90 members strong, driven, and committed to innovating the most comprehensive products with a focus to simplify technology for our users.

And as we like to say it – WisdmLabs is nothing without its people!

With the guidance of our leaders, the hard work of our employees, and the input from our customers, we’ve been able to work, experiment, and grow into a company that is united and successful.

We take huge pride in being a company that ALWAYS puts people first and believes in value-driven growth.

The Future

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Even after a decade, we’re only getting started.

We put all our efforts into creating new products and services for our amazing customers. We promise to continue doing that along with consistently incorporating your feedback! 

After all, everything we do at WisdmLabs is driven by its people and that includes YOU. 

You’re the ones creating and growing impactful ventures. We’re only here to assist you on your journey and are grateful that you’re a part of ours. And to celebrate this grand milestone, we’re offering a huge discount on all our premium products.

Make sure to check out the awesome deals from our anniversary sale.

Once again, THANK YOU!

To everyone who has been with us since day one and also to everyone who became a part of our family recently. It would not have been possible without you.

And like they say, not all superheroes wear capes, some look after each other. 

We treasure all the memories, achievements, and moments we’ve lived so far and look forward to cherishing our bond in the years to come.


Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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