WisdmLabs is now a System Integrator Partner for PayPal!

    Shreya Reddy
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From getting accredited as GOLD Woo Experts to becoming Certified Event Espresso Experts, our endeavor to build innovative and scalable client-centric e-commerce solutions has always kept us pacing forward.   

When it comes to e-commerce, we understand the importance of a reliable Payments Solution for your business. Accepting payments from customers online is a crucial part of any business and choosing the right payment gateway is a major contributing factor in making lives easier for both- the customers and the business owners.

Owing to the unmatched superiority of PayPal in terms of its ease of use, fraud protection, ability to accept International payments and huge Potential Customer Base, it has been our preferred Payment Gateway Solution for numerous Projects over the years!

And now, we’ve finally reached a new milestone in our e-commerce escapade as- PayPal System Integrator Partners!

Why PayPal?


PayPal is a robust end-to-end payment solution that can connect your business to over 179 million existing PayPal users worldwide and hence, vastly increase your sales potential!

Here’s a gist of what PayPal brings to the table as your primary online payments processor:

  • It’s easy to set up and use.
  • You can create and send invoices right through your account.
  • Your clients/customers don’t need a PayPal account to pay you.
  • You can set up recurring payments.
  • It allows you to accept debit card, credit card, and bank account payments for a low fee
  • You can manage users and give separate access rights to each of your employees.

PayPal offers a wide range of products and services, and choosing a suitable PayPal account structure is not a straightforward resolution for most people.

For small business owners, PayPal offers ease-of-use and simplicity. It is a great option for those looking for quick set up, limited customization, and minimal financial paperwork. While adding a simple ‘Buy Now’ feature is all that a small business may be looking for, bigger businesses generally have some more complex needs.

PayPal allows you to tailor the online payments process according to the specific requirements of your business, and that’s where we come in!

What can WisdmLabs do for you?

In addition to all the benefits that you are entitled to as PayPal users such as, PayPal Checkout, PayPal for Marketplaces, PayPal Working Capital, PayPal Credit, PayPal Here, we can help you get fine-grained control over your transactions by Customizing Checkout, Enabling Express Checkouts, Setting up Payouts, Integrating Adaptive Payments, and much more! No matter how basic or complex your requirement is, we’re here for you.

We’re extremely pumped up about this partnership, as it opens up better opportunities for us to create value for our clients and there’s nothing that motivates us more!

If you want to know how this partnership can benefit you, or want to get started with PayPal for your online store, drop us a line.



In the spirit of complete disclosure, we would like you to know that, as a part of our System Integrator Partnership with PayPal, we are entitled to commissions when we set up PayPal for you. We also emphasize on the fact that, we’re only recommending PayPal because we genuinely believe it’s an extremely versatile Payment Gateway.


Shreya Reddy

Shreya Reddy

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