It’s time to show some
WordPress love

The WISDM Anniversary Giveaway, as the name suggests, is the celebration of seven magical years of WisdmLabs.*Cue applause*

It has been 7 wonderful years of WisdmLabs. What once started as a dream to make the world a wiser place with the power of code, is now a 100+ family of coding savants, marketing whiz-kids and design virtuosos. Over the years, we released over 25 popular plugins and themes.

We became WooCommerce Gold experts, Easy Digital Downloads trusted experts and LearnDash experts. With two plush offices in Mumbai metropolis and Pune, we are just gearing up to scale new frontiers.

Coming to our anniversary, 7 is the number that represents wisdom. Seven, the most powerful magical number, is very special to WisdmLabs. To celebrate the jubilant occasion, we are having a grand giveaway contest!


Well, WordPress has been the bread and cheese for us. We constantly babble about how we live and breathe WordPress. Yes, we are a passionate bunch of WordPress lovers, but now it is your chance to share the WordPress love!

Not so long ago, our team had an animated banter about why they love WordPress. Each response was more creative than the other. In true WisdmLabs’ style, the situation escalated quickly and a democratic solution was devised to decide the best response.

This is what our Tech-heads felt about WordPress

“I love WordPress because of its technological

resurrection from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0”

Obviously, our marketing wizards had a more elaborate response

“I love WordPress because it oozes simplicity while being

conveniently minimalistic and has an aesthetic appeal.

WordPress has cost-effective modularity which is also very

easy to use and covers a wide range of customer spectrum,

ranging from amateurs to mega-corporations.”


In the end, we finally decided it was up to all the John and Jane Does of the world to decide what makes
WordPress so special. After all, a product is only as successful as the people who use it, right?

So, we would love to hear your experience with WordPress and how it has changed your lives. To make
matters more simple, you just have to finish this phrase, in a nutshell:

“I love WordPress because...”


Now, after you have thought of a fitting response to our phrase,
you need to reply to our pinned posts on either Facebook or
Twitter. For Twitter, you need to retweet our pinned tweet and
reply with your response. For Facebook, you need to share our
page post and reply with your response.

Also, ensure that you include the hashtag #7YearsofWisdmLabs
in your post. To be eligible for the contest, you have to like our
Facebook page or follow our Twitter account and share your


Your post can look like this


The top 7 responses will be showered with premium plugins.
$7000 worth plugins to be exact.

Each winner can choose $1000 worth plugins from

  • affiliate-logo.png
  • Barn2Media-logo.png
  • cloudways-logo.png
  • ELEX-Logo.png
  • logo-edd.png
  • restrict-content-pro-logo.png
  • wedevs-logo.png
  • WP-Rocket-logo.png
  • tldr-icon-1.png

    We are celebrating
    7 years of WisdmLabs

  • tldr-icon-2.png

    Complete the phrase
    “I love WordPress because...”

  • tldr-icon-3.png

    Share your response
    on Twitter or Facebook

  • tldr-icon-4.png

    Don’t forget to include

  • tldr-icon-5.png

    The best 7 responses
    win the contest

  • tldr-icon-6.png

    Winners get $1000
    worth plugins


Do remember these golden words before putting on your creative hats,

“We’ve got the prize if you’ve got the words..!”


Terms and Conditions

  • Out of $7000, each of the 7 best responses will be given premium plugins worth $1000.
  • The distribution of plugins will be based on the sole discretion of WisdmLabs.
  • The selection of the best 7 responses will be based purely on their merit and WisdmLabs’ decision on the winning entries will be final and binding.
  • Each social profile can submit only 1 unique entry. In case of multiple entries, only the first response will be considered.
  • An entry will only be considered as an eligible entry for the contest if the response is given as a reply to our Twitter/Facebook account’s pinned tweet/post.
  • All eligible entries must retweet/share the said pinned tweets/posts.
  • The social profiles of all eligible entries must like and/or follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • No unfair means of promotion of participants’ responses will be allowed. Using unfair black hat techniques like scripts, bots, fake profiles and other means will lead to immediate disqualification of the entries.
  • Using profane, angry, explicit language or nsfw trolls will lead to immediate disqualification of the entries and blocking and/or reporting of all related social accounts.
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