WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback v2.1.0: It’s time to up your feedback game!

    Sharon Koshy
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There isn’t a doubt that ratings and reviews play a crucial role in online learning. Hence, if you’re thinking, the more reviews and feedback you get from students the better –  you’re right. 

In the LearnDash world, WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback has been the dominant plugin in this genre. And with its latest update, the plugin has zoomed past its competitors.

V2.1.0 of WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback offers admins more flexibility and automation in handling reviews and encouraging students to give genuine feedback often as possible.

Here’s the breakdown of the new features:

WISDM Ratings, Reviews & Feedback v2.1.0: What’s New?

#1 Survey Questions – Collect Feedback Easily

The latest version of the WISDM RRF plugin now offers the ability to create surveys to collect student feedback. You can set surveys that are displayed once on course completion. Surveys offer a quick, low-effort way to get student opinion on a course. 

Surveys are a form of quantitative analysis and can reflect the overall understanding of your students.

The responses are displayed in a detailed pie chart report for easy interpretation.

survey qs review
Survey Feedbacks
survey report
Survey Report

#2 Image/Videos as Reviews – Display Authentic Reviews

Videos are a powerful tool to gain trust. And, can serve as authentic testimonials.

With v2.1.0 of WISDM RRF now allowing students to upload images and videos — in addition to text when posting reviews — you can be assured that a higher number of potential students would engage with this content.

Images and videos could also help students point out exactly what they’re describing, and make it easier for you to comprehend that information.

review image 1
Images/Videos as reviews

#3 Review Reminder – Encourage Students to post Reviews

You can easily prompt students to submit reviews by setting timely reminders. A notification email then gets sent automatically asking students to review a course. This option can be used to collect more reviews and feedback.

When setting reminders, you have the following options:

  • Set a one time or periodic reminder
  • The days of a week when the notification is displayed
  • The day of the month when the student should be reminded
  • The maximum number of times should the notification should be sent
  • The number of times an email should be sent after course completion
RRF remind email 1
Review reminder notifications

#4 Automatic Admin Approval on Reviews – Avoid time spent on manually approving reviews

Make sure all comments are genuine. As the admin, you have the option to approve reviews posted. If you receive quite a few comments on a regular basis, you can disable this option to save your time and effort. If this option is disabled, reviews will get published automatically. 

approve review
Review Approval Settings

#5 Global Settings – For Easy Management

You can enable the ‘Global Course Review’ option to allow the collection of reviews on all courses at once. However, if you want to disable reviews for a particular course, you can head on to the individual course setting and do so.

global review
Global review enable settings

#6 Display all reviews at once – Sort Reviews by Course Name and Star Rating

One small shortcode to sort reviews by by course name and star rating. Adding this shortcode will set up a page where your students can select the name of their course and the rating, and all relevant reviews will be displayed accordingly.

all review in a page 1
All reviews at a location

Over to You

With more and more competition creeping up in the online learning space, you need to do all it takes to win student trust, help them make quicker decisions, and improve your courses. Reviews and feedback can help you do all of the above.

And, with the most recent version of WISDM Ratings, Reviews and Feedback, you get a superpowered plugin that makes review collection and management very easy.

You know what to do next, check out the changelog for technical details, hit the update button, or leave your comments below!


Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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