Schedule Import/Export of Pricing rules with WISDM Customer Specific Pricing v4.6.3

    Love Shah
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As a WooStore owner, you’re always looking for ways to manage your pricing rules in a hassle-free manner.

Since you have brilliant ideas, we’ve made it a point to hear you out, as always.

And, today, as a result – we are absolutely over the moon because we just rolled out two powerful NEW FEATURES as part of our v4.6.3 WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin update!!?

But, what’s more exciting – WE ARE THE FIRST to make this happen!


Now, before we go back to our team on the dance floor, let’s quickly unbox the new features?

*Drum Rolls*

Schedule Pricing Rule Imports & Backups for your WooStore

So, with our latest v4.6.3 WISDM Customer Specific Pricing update, you’ll now be able to Schedule the imports & Backups for your pricing rules at your convenience with our two new features:

  1. Schedule Rule Imports – This feature lets you schedule the date, time, and frequency (weekly or daily) to import the new or modified pricing rules that you’ve created for different user roles. You can automatically import through URL, FTP, or SFTP hassle-free.

ImportScheduleAnd, this is most useful if you have products or user roles whose pricing changes daily or every second day.

2. Schedule Rule Exports/Backups – This will enable you to schedule weekly/daily backups for all the existing pricing rules that you’ve created for your user roles or products.

Schedule backupAlso, it makes life a lot easier by allowing you to quickly update pricing rules automatically. Scheduling rules backups can save you a lot of time. Especially when you’ve made an error in creating a rule or if you want to migrate your store.

Oh, wait…..that’s not it…..there’s more!!

So, besides the two new features, we’ve also made a much-awaited improvement to the plugin!


Yup. And, with this improvement, you can:

  • Import your pricing rules file and the system will automatically identify the rule type, reducing your efforts. The interface for the Rule Import feature is made much simpler and faster

Having said that, our goal has always been to make things easier for you. We strive to constantly improve the experience for you and ensure all your concerns are resolved in time.

So, go ahead and quickly update your WISDM Customer Specific Pricing plugin to enjoy the benefits 🙂

P. S: If you have any doubts, feel free to reach out or comment below. We will get back to you ASAP.

Love Shah

Love Shah

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