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    Rucha Gotarkar
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Magento is a leading CMS expert, popular for its high-end functionality and bountiful features. If you are planning to build an eCommerce site, Magento is ought to be one of your choices.

AheadWorks recently launched a powerful plugin called Advanced Reports, made for the convenience of data analysis on eCommerce sites.

Suggestive as the name is, this premium plugin will give you insights like never seen before. You can successfully optimize your site and increase sales by monitoring the performance of various parameters that affect it.

Questions that generally arise for a premium plugin are:

Will it be worth my money?

Is it going to benefit my site?


Read on to know for yourself…

Here are few of the many brilliant features that the plugin contains:

Sales Overview

    • Convenience Block– Instead of viewing the data in a tabular or graphical form, the convenience block allows you to see the latest numbers in a block structure.convenience block
    • Data Export– Now you can export tabular data in CSV or Excel XML export
    • Report Settings– Choose which type of orders (pending, processed, invoiced) you want to look settings

Drill-Down Feature

This feature is certainly helpful when you need to closely analyze the sale of a certain product or range of products, in a particular interval of time. It gives a ‘zoomed in’ effect inside a chart, presenting product wise report on the sales.

drill down feature


  • You can track your reports based on Product Attributes, Customer Location, Payment Type and Product Category.
  • Coupons, nowadays attract a huge number of site visitors and tracking the success of these discount coupons is also a feature in Advanced Reports.product location


    • The quality that speaks of reliability is that these reports are regenerated and reindexed once in a day- which means that when you log into these analytics, you will always see an updated report.
    • This stable plugin can host and process a large amount of data which is suitable for large online stores.product performance


What stands out

They have covered almost every aspect that an eCommerce site admin would require after setting up.

Easy Navigation lets you move from one report to another in quick moves

Clean Interface allows you to view, grasp and analyze facts easily.

Interactive charts & graphs are easy to read and compare figures from different timelines

Filters are available for every chart which reduce your task of sorting out data yourself

Detailed Insights with the smallest of sales details are presented on your screen

Profit is now calculated for you, as soon as you log in

profit margin


My review

When a single plugin provides you with an entire bundle of features, wrapped with friendly interface and a clean layout, there is little doubt in whether it will be beneficial to you or not. According to my opinion, it’s definitely a must have for your eCommerce site.


For an exclusive demo aided with tutorials, check out Magento Advanced Reports.


Disclaimer – WisdmLabs is engaged in an ongoing partnership with the author of this plugin. However, WisdmLabs does not get paid from the proceeds of sales of the plugin reviewed above.
Rucha Gotarkar

Rucha Gotarkar

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