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“Can I change the theme colors?”

I was having a conversation about eLumine with a client the other day, and that’s what he asked.

I paused.

Was that all he really cared about? Is that all anyone ever cares about? Does everyone think a theme only adds color to a site?

It wasn’t the first time I had come across this question about themes in WordPress, so it wasn’t a surprise. But, it made me think.

Most clients have this question or rather such questions—can we change the color scheme, can we add our own logo, can we change the font—when picking a theme.

If you’re wondering about the answer to all of these questions, it is a “Yes”. That’s because every theme you would ever consider for your WordPress website does provide you with these basic options. Trust me, you don’t need to ask.

Yes, branding is important, color is important. But themes, themes are a lot more.

The Right Theme Drives Learner Experience

From the heap of best LearnDash themes available, most stop at being customization friendly. A few, offer seamless plugin (LearnDash) compatibility. But the best of the lot, directly impact user experience.

A theme that aces user experience is eLumine.

eLumine has been built to perfectly complement the LearnDash LMS. The theme focuses on learners by creating a conducive training environment.

eLumine – The Perfect Companion for LearnDash LMS

elumine 1200x628 1

eLumine offers a completely new take on LearnDash themes. It goes beyond being a “LearnDash-compatible” theme. It is a “LearnDash-specific” theme, with layouts designed specifically for LearnDash, keeping learner-interest in mind.

#1 A whole new approach towards layouts – to assist learning

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eLumine has highly tailored internal web pages. eLumine’s developers have totally revamped the elements of LearnDash when it comes to layouts. The course template is changed and offers better navigation of lessons and courses through a proper index. And that’s not it. Browsing through all the courses is easier with the customized course archive page which works in tandem with the infinite scroll. The shop page contains all the elements required to make purchases easy with its list view and grid view options.

eLumine also features Neo layouts that have enhanced UI, better graphics, a butter-smooth experience, and full compatibility with LearnDash 3.0.

#2 Advanced quiz section – The Ace of eLumine


x14 Courses Quiz

eLumine contains an advanced, highly-customized quiz section. With its state-of-the-art quiz modules, you can create different types of quizzes, along with grading/marking systems, leaderboards, difficulty levels, timers and reports which help improve the gamification experience. A quiz is one of the most primary section of an e-Learning website, and the advanced features add to its appeal.


#3 Lots of Appearance Options

eLumine offers numerous options and immense variety in colours, layouts, and their combinations. You can design your own website using the plethora of appearance options available. It gives you the opportunity to let your creative side loose!


The theme supports font awesome icons with a choice of light and dark headers and favicons. When it comes to color schemes, eLumine does not disappoint. There are 3 sets of color schemes and if you want more, you can create different color schemes by using simple CSS codes.

eLumine offers you to choose the look and feel of your sidebar menu. You can set the side menus to collapse to give learners a wider area to view content. The menus also contain variable display options in the sidebar. That’s not it. The theme gives you a lot of options to customize your footer.

[metaslider id=145253]


#4 An Introductory video – to engage your audience



eLumine is a very interactive theme. It offers an introductory video option on the course’s intro page. You can captivate your audiences by making a video about your course instead of having them go through lines of text.


#5 One Click Demo Content Installation

The demo content provided by eLumine is different from the rest of the themes. You can use the demo content to easily create an e-Learning website by making small modifications to it. With a single click, you are able to install and use the content. Apart from this, the acclaimed walkthrough plugin provided with the demo content can set your website apart.


#6 Compatible with a slew of plugins

eLumine is compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins, particularly bbPress, BuddyPress, WooCommerce, and BadgeOS. The theme is compatible with all these plugins and offers different templates for them as well. eLumine supports multiple languages which makes communication easier. Users can continue to rely on their favorite form builders with eLumine. The theme supports Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and all other contact form builders.

eLumine supports most LearnDash and WooCommerce plugins like:

  • Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback
  • LearnDash Group Registration
  • Frontend Course Creation
  • Instructor Role
  • Advanced Course Manager
  • Content Cloner
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Product Enquiry Pro
  • Custom Product Boxes

The customer support that you get with eLumine is also one of the reasons that make eLumine the only LearnDash theme you will ever need.


In Conclusion

A generic theme for your LMS will seldom offer the tailor made experience or delights of a platform specific theme. The final choice is up to you, but if you want your LearnDash website to stand out from the rest, then eLumine is the way to go.

eLumine has a legacy of more than 9 months of testing and research and has the expertise of an entire team of developers backing it. The theme is already generating rave reviews from industry experts like LearnWoo, and WPNewsify and is poised to scale new frontiers.

Not only will this all-encompassing LearnDash theme make your website beautiful and perfectly smooth, it will also give you the freedom to create something unique, effortlessly.

What is your say on eLumine? Do you agree with our take on the theme? Drop a comment below! If you have any ideas or suggestions, visit our ideas forum and watch it become a reality!

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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  1. This article was a good read! Honestly, Elumine and LearnDash seem as compatible as a newly wedded couple, haha

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