One of the Secret Ingredients in Online Courses: Reports! 

    Priyanka Gurnani
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So, you want to make better online courses? Offering the best online courses doesn’t just involve quality content and multiple teachers. It also involves giving your students valuable feedback.

You may be able to create fun and interactive online course material to keep your students engaged but in order to have a successful online learning experience, you need to know how your students are performing and what you can do to improve their track record.

That’s where REPORTS come in. Reports offer all the insights that can tell you exactly where your learners need the most attention to help them reach their personal goals as well as grow your eLearning business with new and improved results.

But, where can you get this secret ingredient from?

If you’re using LearnDash and are looking for an extensive reporting solution then this article is for you! So keep reading to find out what we have in store for you, what popular options are available and why the new reports plugin from WisdmLabs has the edge over all of them! 

First, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at one nifty plugin that goes beyond basic reporting. Remember the Wisdm Quiz reporting extension? 

Developed by the WisdmLabs team, the Wisdm Quiz Reporting Extension is a popular LearnDash extension that provides detailed student progress reports. As the name suggests, it’s a full-fledged reporting plugin that focuses on students’ quiz performance. 

The Quiz Reporting Extension is quite successful in giving you a detailed breakdown of course performance but what it can’t do is provide graphical reports and a personalized dashboard for all users. 

This is why Reports for LearnDash might be the only thing you need in order to create splendid online courses for your WordPress LMS and have an impact on your students

What is the New LearnDash Reports Plugin?

The new Reports Plugin for LearnDash is an advanced and holistic reporting solution that offers complete course reports, user-wise filtering as well graphical representation of all the report statistics. 

So if you’re looking for an intelligent reporting module that lets you track all learners’ stats and get a drilled down view of the activities in as much detail as the admin, instructor, or group leader needs to get a full understanding of how learners are performing, then you’re looking in the right direction. 

Now, before we discuss the benefits of having the new LearnDash Reports plugin handy, let us take a quick look at all the competitors that the new candidate is going to beat.

All Reporting Tools in the Market

Presenting you with all the reporting tools available that give in-depth knowledge about how your student is performing but also provide you with actionable insights!


 Source - NitroGFX

The LearnDash gradebook is a powerful grading and reporting tool that provides report cards for students. You can very easily manage your students’ grades and keep track of their performance from a central location. 

Using the LearnDash Gradebook reduces the effort of manually calculating and compiling grades for each student as it automatically pulls the grades from all quizzes and assignments.

With this plugin, you get to maintain a report card and assess it quickly from your dashboard without the need to check each student’s profile and switch between multiple tabs.

Even though the Gradebook offers a traditional school-like feel, it’s worth noticing that the plugin doesn’t have an impressive user interface and it also comes without any filtering options for user-specific roles.

Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash

Source - Uncannyowl

Tin Canny Reporting for LearnDash is a third-party plugin that is used to track training data. This student management cum reporting tool highlights all learner-related activities.

You can review individual activity by checking out reports on an individual and course level. It even allows your group leader to access the same reports for the groups they control. This makes it easier for them to make decisions quickly.

Additionally, it supports the SCORM module and has the ability to generate reports that combine LearnDash quiz scores with SCORM/xAPI scores. Its intuitive dashboard lets you monitor course as well as learner’s activity and allows you to identify the gaps to take immediate actions

Although the plugin provides front-end access to reports for LearnDash group leaders using a shortcode, it doesn’t include individual reports for instructors and students to access. Apart from that, Tin Canny is a bit expensive and focuses heavily on people who use Scorm modules.



The Pro Panel enhanced reporting addon is a solution by LearnDash for LearnDash Pro and Plus users. This solution is designed to enhance the admin experience. This assignment management and reporting tool promotes active learning by giving you the ability to track your students’ progress in real-time.

Using the Pro Panel you can check exactly where your students are in a specific course and communicate with them via mail. The Plugin has widgets for various course reports – Overview Widget, Activity Widget, Chart Widget, and Reporting Widget.

You can use the filters to look deep into a desired quiz and course data, then easily export CSV files. This robust management tool allows admins and group leaders to quickly approve, delete, and manage all assignments & essays

The Pro Panel is no doubt a wholesome reporting tool that provides insights on all top-level metrics with a handsome user interface but it has no common dashboard. So, you have to jump to multiple reports to get related data.

 User Insights 

User Insights

User Insights is an add-on that helps you analyze your LMS’ course and student’s performance. The reports dashboard displays the summary of user data in real-time making it easier to analyze performance and other metrics to get a detailed picture.

It gives you reports related to courses completed, the course in progress, course engagement, number of quizzes passed, etc. You can use the user table to filter, search, and analyze your user list based on their LearnDash activity. 

With User Insights, you have the option to choose which report you want to be visible from each module and filter the data shown on the report. 

There’s no doubt about the fact that the User Insights for LearnDash is a good option. However, User Insights is a generic WordPress plugin and not specifically made for LearnDash or e-learning. It also does not allow users to export any reports and has limited filtering options.

But are they enough?

So now you know how reports can help put a figure on how much your students are learning but, are basic reports all you need? 

What’s Included in LearnDash Reports?

LearnDash Reports is not just like any other reporting solution. It changes the game by being the trifecta of all plugins as it offers graphical reports, filtering options, and a dashboard for all user roles. It provides complete course reports in a separate tab where you can check all details like average time spent by users on a Course/Quiz, their Quiz Completion Rates, and other metrics like how many people have passed or failed the quiz.

The plugin is designed with the focus on evaluating the performance of all the users and other customized reporting needs

The dynamic user-wise filtering gives access to reports for all user roles like  – Admin, Group Leader, Instructor. So whether you have an online school, a course marketplace or a training portal, etc, you can use this plugin as per your needs.

This robust plugin provides information on all student activities such as completion rates, average time spent on various modules, date of completion as well as number of enrollments.  

You also get all revenue-related information. So, insights on the total number of courses and learners and the revenue generated from them on a dedicated insights tab. You can go in-depth and understand the revenue generated by a single course.

To top it all off, this smart plugin represents all reports in a graphical format, and with its intuitive user interface so it becomes easy to understand and manage everything. 

Our Opinion

Now you know the secret to make top-quality online courses and how crucial it is for your online learning business. 

Having a strong reporting system becomes more than important to offer your students useful insights that they can work upon while also building the best student-teacher relationship.

After understanding the benefits of using reports all you need to do is let your experience speak.

So our advice is to try LearnDash reports and let us know what you feel!

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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Priyanka Gurnani

Priyanka Gurnani

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