8 LearnDash Plugins To Make Student Management Easier

    Love Shah
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An increasing number of signups on your LearnDash website surely calls for celebration 🙂

And, rightly so as it opens up opportunities for you to increase and introduce new courses, scale your marketing plans, and shoot up your revenue. Yaaaaaay!

But, amid the celebrations, don’t forget the loose ends – with the growing number of students also comes the responsibility of managing them. And, this can quickly turn into a nightmare if you end up spending too much time on student management.

Now, don’t you worry!

I can help you avoid this nightmare by sharing secrets on managing students efficiently on your LearnDash website. In this article, I’m going to tell you about 8 such LearnDash extensions that can make student management (and your life) a little easier! 🙂

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1. WISDM Group Registration for easy Bulk EnrollmentLearnDash Group Registration Plugin

LearnDash, by default, provides you with options to create groups for each course that you’re offering, add group leaders and add students enrolling in respective courses to their particular group.

Now, managing this manually for a few courses with a handful of students makes sense. But, as the number of students increases, managing this task manually soon becomes painful and time-consuming.

Hence, to avoid this mind-numbingly boring task, you can use the WISDM Group Registration plugin for LearnDash. It solves your problems easily by empowering you to:

  • Bulk enroll students into groups – You can allow people to buy courses in bulk at once leading to automatic creation of groups and group leaders (buyer). These group leaders can then enroll students in bulk to their course groups thereby, saving you loads of time and energy. Your teachers can also become Group Leaders. For example, you can make a class teacher the leader of a Group.
  • Using Group Codes – You or your Group Leaders can further simplify student management by creating Group Codes in the form of shortcodes. This can then be given to students who can use them to enroll themselves in the course groups saving tons of time and effort on your end.
  • Create sub-groups – You or your Group Leader can create sub-groups within the groups and assign sub-group leaders to ensure smooth and better management.
    For e.g: If a principal buys a Group of courses for 1000 students in his school, he can then divide them into groups of 200, and then assigns a Teacher as a Sub-Group Leader for all these sub-groups or classes.
  • Tracking progress with reports – This functionality provides your Group Leaders or Instructors with data related to student course progress. It helps in identifying the weaker students, thereby, allowing you to allot and spend more time on them.

Having said that, you can use the WISDM Group Registration plugin on your LearnDash website to easily bulk enroll students into your courses. And, this will help you in managing your students efficiently without any hassle.

In addition, you’ll also be able to spend more time in increasing the number of courses, expanding your business, marketing, etc. thereby, taking your eLearning business to greater heights.


You should check out the Live Demo to experience and explore the plugin’s functionality in-depth.


  • $99 – Single site Annual License.

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2. WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension for detailed Quiz Reports and Analysis


With multiple courses on your website, you must be conducting several tests in the form of quizzes for your students, right?

Now, it’s easier to analyze the quiz results when the number of students is less.

But, when the number of students and courses increases, it becomes nearly impossible to analyze their overall performance. Plus, it becomes difficult to even track whether the student is performing better or worse. Moreover, you also need an easy way to share this report with the parents in a format they’ll understand.

Well, you can now put all of these problems to rest with the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension that allows you to:

  • Generate Quiz Reports quickly – You can generate detailed quiz reports with actionable insights into reports. You can export the reports for each student on a per quiz basis or all students on a per quiz basis. This will allow you to identify the gaps in students’ understanding and save you tons of time that can be utilized in developing a better learning mechanism.
  • Let Instructors view quiz reports – You can also let your Group Leaders or Instructors view their students’ reports at their frontend. In doing so, they can quickly figure out ways to better their courses and help students more effectively.
  • Filters for Students to keep Track of their Progress – Students can view the quizzes attempted, the scores for each, and even sort them using different filters, giving them a chance to track their own progress.

Hence, when it comes to analyzing quiz results for a large number of students, you can always speed up things. And generate quiz reports, identify gaps, take action, improve student performance, and better your courses with a quicker turnaround using the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension.


Check out the Live Demo to get more clarity on its working.


  • $99 – Single site Annual License.

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3. LearnDash Toolkit for Modern login forms

Learndash toolkit

This is a student management plugin that saves you a great deal of time and effort while you set up your courses.

You can improve your students’ learning experience to a great extent with 15 different functionalities in your artillery using the LearnDash Toolkit.

So, let’s take a look at how LearnDash Toolkit functionalities can help in student management:

  • Front-end login – This allows you to replace WordPress login with a modern and better login form using shortcodes that can be placed on any page so that you can avoid wasting time on creating and adding a new form.
  • Approve student registrations – Moreover, you can also enable User Verification to approve and manage student registrations which will reduce your time spent in handling spam registrations.
  • LearnDash resume button – This functionality will enable you to let your students pick up right from they left off in the course resulting in reduced administrative queries from your students as the experience is seamless for them.
  • Display LearnDash certificates – With this functionality, you can use a simple shortcode to show and list all the certificates your student has earned from your website which in turn, reduces your efforts and time of adding it manually.
  • Login Redirect – This functionality will allow you to directly send your students to a custom dashboard or the course once they sign in, which saves you the trouble of creating an extra pathway to direct your users to the relevant page.

While these are only a few functionalities that I’ve mentioned, however, you should also check out 15 other features that the LearnDash Toolkit has to offer.

Even though these features may seem small but mind you, each of these functionalities amounts to a great deal of time saved and efforts minimized resulting in smoother student and organizational management.

In the end, improving your students’ learning experience and making the entire student management process easier should be your ultimate goal.


Unfortunately, Live Demo isn’t available for the plugin. You’ll have to rely on reviews to gauge the effectiveness of the plugin.


  • $149 – Single site Annual License.

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4. LearnDash Gradebook to assign and maintain grades systematically

LD Gradebook (2)

Want to add the vibe of a traditional classroom-like setting?

Well, in that case, LearnDash Gradebook is a perfect match as it brings back the impact of a powerful grading and report card system which lets you manage your students’ grades and track their overall progress from a centralized location.

So, here’s what you can achieve with the LearnDash gradebook:

  • Reduced effort – With student grades available at a centralized location on your dashboard, you don’t have to toggle between different tabs to find student reports which in turn, reduces your efforts and saves you tons of time.
  • Assign manual grades – You can attribute grades manually to students for activities like class participation, assignment reading, debates, etc. which are non-LearnDash items thereby, allowing you to provide a blended learning environment and put in a process for attributing these activities to overall student’s performance.
  • Custom grading options – This gradebook will enable you to automatically pull your students’ grades from all their LearnDash quizzes and assignments reducing your efforts of manually calculating and compiling grades for each student. Moreover, you get to configure your own grading scale as per your requirements. For. e.g: You could use Letter grades like ‘A’, ‘A-’ or anything else as per your needs.

You have an opportunity to go old-school with a modern twist, especially in these challenging times with a full-fledged report card system on your eLearning website using the LearnDash Gradebook.

Implementing this will help you to systematically maintain a grade book. And access it quickly through your dashboard without any efforts of calculating, assessing, or opening every student’s profile to check their grades resulting in increased user experience and better student management.


Again, there’s no Live Demo available for the plugin. You’ll have to check out its reviews for assessing its performance.


  • $79 – Single site Annual License.

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5. Tin Canny Reporting to easily track all your training data

oie_2011732opMjLqu4 (1)

On your LearnDash website, students are always undertaking activities like starting courses, completing courses, taking quizzes, assignments, etc. which require regular tracking.

Since LearnDash by default offers a very basic tracking system, if you’re creating courses with advanced modules like H5P, Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, etc. you’ll either need to go on another website to track the data or implement a tracking system that is more effective and robust.

However, to track all your training data from your website and from one place itself without any efforts and hassle of tracking your student’s course interaction data, you can use the Tin Canny Reporting extension for LearnDash.

Here’s how Tin Canny Reporting functionalities can help in student management:

  • Learning Activity Trends – Once you sign in to WordPress, you’ll be able to see the learning activity trends which offer course reports and give you all the data relating to how your students are interacting with your courses thereby, saving you the efforts of digging student data and compiling different reports.
  • Access to Course Reports – You can provide your Instructors with front-end access to reports by using a shortcode which will enable them to quickly identify the areas that need improvement and accordingly better their courses.
  • Review Individual activities – You can also review LearnDash and SCORM activity by individual users and courses thereby, enabling you to speed up the further actions and steps that need to be taken to improve the student’s performance.

Plus, you can also check out other functions of this student management plugin.

For all the courses created with advanced modules, you can now easily track all your student learning data from one place, identify the gaps and take action immediately leading to an effective and efficient student management system.


Live Demo for this plugin is not available.


  • $179 – Single site Annual License.

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6. Certificate Tracker and Verifier to authenticate & maintain permanent student records

certificate tracker

Storing permanent records of students is often a goal that most of the eLearning websites overlook and then waste time years later recreating the data when the student comes back to reissue or renew his certificate.

You can avoid this repetitive task on your LearnDash website with the Certificate Tracker extension that allows you to maintain a permanent student record by generating and adding a unique number or ID on student certificates.

You can add this unique ID to all student certificates to validate whether the student is indeed the same student who completed or passed the said course or training.

Now, let’s quickly take a look at how Certificate Tracker for LearnDash can help you:

  • Creates a permanent record – You can create a permanent certificate ID by adding student data in the database which will stay intact even after you delete the user’s course records thereby, creating a permanent record that can be pulled and used for courses that require periodic recertification saving you tons of administrative work and make student management way easier.

Similarly, having functionality that enables people to verify the authenticity of the certificate by simply entering the certificate ID or number in a search box on your website also helps in reducing your efforts spent on verifying the certificate. 

You can simplify this verification system with the Certificate Verifier extension which also compliments Certificate Tracker, making them both great tools which can reduce your administrative efforts, save you tons of time, and make student management easier.

Note: Certificate Tracker needs to be active for Certificate Verifier to work.


You’d have to read the reviews to know what others think about the plugin as Live Demo isn’t available.


  • $29.99 – Single site Annual License. (CertificateTracker)
  • $29.99 – Single site Annual License. (Certificate Verifier)

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#960000″ size=”8″ center=”no” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”Certificate Tracker”]Explore Certificate Tracker![/su_button] [su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#960000″ size=”8″ center=”no” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”Certificate Tracker”]Explore Certificate Verifier![/su_button]

7. LearnDash Activity Feed to create a Facebook-like community

LD activity feed

In today’s time and age, if you have too many friends and acquaintances, it can get hard to keep track of what everyone’s up to. But, fortunately, you have Facebook which presents an updated activity feed to resolve that issue.

Likewise, when you’ve too many students on your LearnDash website, a similar issue can persist and to get rid of this issue, implementing an activity wall with LearnDash Activity Feed extension for your students will not just help you view your students progress but also make management much easier for you.

Here’s how different functionalities of the LearnDash Activity Feed extension will help you with student management:

  • Regular activity updates  – You can let your users update their activities (For e.g: John Doe started the lesson ‘What is Photography?’) which will enable you to easily keep track of their progress and their achievements, through their profile.
  • Likes and comments – Allowing other users to like and comment on their fellow student’s activity will help in building a real community, which will boost their morale and reduce your efforts of individually encouraging every student.
  • Current course activity – You can add time to the current course and display all the activities which give you the number of users who’ve started or completed the course. Plus, it boosts the course’s popularity and encourages other students to take up the course, saving you the extra effort.

Check out other functionalities of the LearnDash Activity Feed that will help you to manage students on your eLearning website more effectively and efficiently.

You can easily track your student’s progress and build a Facebook-like community with LearnDash Activity Feed. Nudge students into motivating each other for taking up a new course or completing an existing one, leading to a reduction in your workload for doing the same!


We suggest you take a look at its Live Demo to explore the plugin before going ahead with the purchase decision.


  • $10 – Single site Annual License.

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8. LearnDash Private Sessions to enable one-to-one Student-Teacher interaction

LD Private sessions

In an online learning environment, students often miss the opportunity to interact or take lessons with Instructors on a one-to-one basis.

But, you can change that and add a flavor of traditional learning which makes it possible for your students to take personal lessons or coaching for your online courses with the LearnDash Private Sessions Extension thereby, facilitating a way for you to pay extra attention to students and learn a little more.

Here’s how different functionalities of LearnDash Private Sessions can help you in managing students more efficiently:

  • Mobile learning – You can let students access private coaching sessions with their Instructors anywhere on the go (on a bus, train, etc.) through their mobile phones thereby, reducing cancellations and allowing your Instructors to stick to fixed appointment time slots.
  • Private files and discussions – With this functionality, your Instructors and your students can upload files or notes and discuss them in a private thread allowing your Instructor to create extra notes in line with your student’s requirements which saves you the time and effort of increasing student retention and passing ratio.

Similarly, you can also check out other functionalities of this extension that can further enhance your eLearning website.

On that note, utilizing your LearnDash website wisely with LearnDash Private Session functionality will not just allow you to earn more but, also save you tons of time and effort in increasing student retention and passing ratio leading to better student management system.


You can check out the reviews and see what the users have to say about the plugin as Live Demo isn’t available.


  • $49 – Single site Annual License.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#960000″ size=”8″ center=”yes” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”LearnDash Private Lessons”]Explore LearnDash Private Lessons![/su_button]

In the end,

With the increasing number of students on your LearnDash website, the chances of complexity in student management also increase.

To ensure systematic student management on your eLearning website, implementing the above-mentioned LearnDash extensions can help significantly. 

And, in doing so, you can gain ample time to focus on other important activities like the introduction of new courses, marketing, expansion, etc. to boost sales and revenue.

With that being said, do you have any additional tips for student management that you’d like to share? Drop a comment to let us know! And feel free to reach out in case you have any queries! 🙂

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