Use these Learndash LMS plugins to help with employee onboarding and training

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Did you know that 25% of a company’s new hires would leave within a year if the onboarding experience was poor? (SHRM

Training and onboarding employees is important. Especially when you’re working remotely.

Research by Brandon Hall Group found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent.

That’s why organizations are turning to e-Learning for internal growth. 

Companies that invest in improving the onboarding experience via online learning are more likely to see key benefits, such as increased engagement and productivity.

But to get the best results, you need the best tools.  You need a Learning Management System (LMS) that saves you time, is flexible to your employee’s schedule, delivers content consistently, and provides valuable training insights, among other things.

To help you with it, LearnDash has a lot of features and capabilities built for the management and onboarding of corporate employees. 

But to make the experience rewarding, you need advanced features. And to use these features, you need to extend your LearnDash LMS.

So to help you with that, here’s a list of top LearnDash plugins for quality corporate e-Learning.

Top Tools for LearnDash-based Employee Training and Onboarding Program

WISDM Group Registration for LearnDash

 WISDM Group Registration
Use these Learndash LMS plugins to help with employee onboarding and training 1

If you’re running training courses to sell to organizations, this plugin will allow you to sell licenses in bulk. 

With group registration for LearnDash, you can allow companies to purchase access for a group of their employees and enroll all of them automatically. This plugin works like a charm, especially for B2B sales.

Key Features of WISDM Group Registration:

  • It automatically assigns the bulk buyer as the group leader.
  • You can set bulk discounts for seats and sell groups of licenses at a reduced price to drive more sales.
  • It helps in creating sub-groups within the groups and assigning sub-group leaders to ensure smooth and better management.
  • Simplifies learner management further with the help of group codes. Employees can use these shortcodes to further enroll themselves in courses.

For e.g: A corporate trainer can purchase a marketing training course with unlimited seats from your eLearning website. The trainer can then add employees to the group or use a code allowing students to enroll themselves in the group. They don’t need to purchase a new course.

  • Front-end dashboards for group leaders to manage their groups. 
  • Group leaders can track the progress of their separate groups.

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Instructor Role for LearnDash

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Do you want to add multiple instructors to train employees on your LearnDash LMS?

The WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash allows you to invite instructors to create as well as teach courses on your LMS. Course authors can easily manage employees enrolled in their courses and also earn commissions. 

And you can do that without sharing any admin privileges.

Key features of the WISDM Instructor Role:

  • A clean communication module to encourage communication between employees and course authors. Instructors can directly mail learners or a group of learners from the dashboard
  • Complete control over the creation of all courses, quizzes, assignments, and certificates
  • Progress reports assisting instructors in tracking employee performance
  • You can set percentage-based commissions to individual instructors for each course sold
  • Send email alerts for every action, such as Course Purchase, Quiz Completion, and so on, as well as other triggers
  • Restrict Instructor access. Disable allowing them to interfere with admin settings and see courses created by others.


Gamipress for LearnDash
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Did you know that 79% of employees claim they have gained motivation and purpose at the workplace because of gamified activities? (

Gamification in e-Learning is one of the best ways to make employee onboarding an enjoyable experience. Gaining rewards and recognition will keep them engaged and also improve productivity. 

In LearnDash, Gamipress can help you add gamification features to your training program. It comes power-packed with features that will allow you to add rewards like points, achievements, and ranks that you can use at the end of every onboarding activity.

Key Features of Gamipress Include:

  • Unlimited ways to define achievements in LearnDash
  • Automatically award as well as deduct points to your users
  • Wide variety of events that you can attach rewards to like quiz-based, assignment-based, topic-based, etc.
  • Set triggers as simple as watching a video or just commenting on the forum for the award.
  • Users can share the achievements and ranks they have earned on any social network of their choice.

What’s more, is that you can use Gamipress with the Instructor Role plugin too.

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BuddyPress for LearnDash
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Online training can be monotonous, especially in a remote environment. 

But to make things a little less boring you can use BuddyPress to add super-friendly social features. It allows you to create a community around your course offerings.

Using this plugin you can add online profiles, user groups, private message functionality, and much more to your corporate LMS site.

Key Features of using BuddyPress:

  • All the course participants can be automatically added to the group
  • The group is restricted to course participants and invited members
  • Whenever a course is tied to a BuddyPress group, all the course activity gets streamed
  • It allows course participants to interact in real-time

Uncanny Groups for Learndash

Uncanny groups LEarnDash plugin
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To run a training program in LearnDash, you have to manage large corporate groups. And the last thing you would want to waste time doing is managing groups in LearnDash. 

With Uncanny Groups for LearnDash, you get a powerful interface where you can manage and report on groups and hence focus on growing your business.  

Using this plugin, group leaders can add users to respective groups without admin intervention!

Key features of using Uncanny Groups for LearnDash

  • Easy management and reporting on LearnDash groups for group leaders or managers without having to access the confusing wp-admin interface.
  • 6 reports to view progress and quiz results by the user, group, or course. 
  • Front-end reviewing, grading, and approving quiz essay questions and assignments.
  • Customizable group management features and downloadable learner certificates.

Pro Tip: If you use Uncanny LearnDash Groups and WooCommerce together, you can sell groups to organizations. Organizations can buy predefined course bundles with WooCommerce. 

WISDM Reports for LearnDash

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Lastly, as a corporate trainer or a manager, it’s important for you to know how employees are finding your courses. You must check if the course material is too hard or too easy. Whether your learners are able to derive value from the course or not. 

To track the progress of your training course, you can use a reporting tool in LearnDash. 

I would recommend using WISDM Reports for LearnDash. It offers comprehensive course and learner insights including the completion rates, pass-fail rates, and time spent on courses.

You can even export the course reports to analyze further or share with your employees.

Key features of WISDM Reports for LearnDash include:

  • Real-time tracking of course data and learning trends
  • Insights about learner performance and learning outcomes
  • Export options for all progress reports
  • Personalized dashboards for all user roles like — admins, instructors, and group leaders

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Training programs are crucial for employee onboarding as well as skill development.

But to make the onboarding process as smooth as possible you need more than your basic LearnDash LMS. To train professionals, you need advanced functions. 

And to handle it well you can use the plugins mentioned above. Here’s a quick roundup:

So take these plugins for a run and get the most out of your corporate training program.

If you have any more plugins in mind that I can add to this list, feel free to comment below.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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