How to Simplify Bulk Enrollments using Group Codes with LearnDash Group Registration

    Mrunmayee Kulkarni
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The times are hard but amid this challenging period, we hear you!

Continuous improvements and showering the best experience has always been our motto and with this thought in mind, we bring to you the most thrilling new update for our WISDM Group Registration plugin for LearnDash!

This latest V4.1.0 comes with some astonishing new features and updates that’ll simplify your tasks, enhance your user experience and make you fall in love with your work a little more 🙂

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the latest V4.1.0 update of the WISDM Group Registration plugin.

1. Save hours of enrollment time with GROUP CODES!

We figured that verifying student details and enrolling each one to a course can be quite time-consuming and a bit of hassle for you or the Group Leader. As a result, with this latest feature, you can now create ‘Group Codes’ for student enrolment!

learndash group codes

You or the Group Leader can now save tons of time and effort by creating ‘Group Codes’ which can be given to students allowing them to enroll themselves in the group leading to easy group enrollment and management.

group leader code

These Group Codes can be created in the form of shortcodes and a new, as well as an existing user, can use it to enrol themselves in the group.

This new feature simplifies the work for you and your group leader providing ample time and energy to focus on other aspects of your eLearning business.


2. Build Thriving communities with UNLIMITED MEMBERS!

Create groups without worrying about the member limit!

With this latest update, you can now allow groups to be created without an upper limit on the number of members. You can let Group Leaders create groups with an unlimited number of students in it giving them an opportunity to build thriving communities.

unmlimited group members

This can save Group Leaders tons of time as they can mass-enroll particular course students into a single group and ensure the content is drip-fed for all at the same time.

Moreover, it makes it easier for them to communicate with all at once through a group email.

The good news doesn’t end here!

Furthermore, you can allow group leaders to create groups with unlimited numbers of students at the time of purchase itself by setting a special course price for this option.

For e.g: A corporate trainer can purchase a marketing training course for unlimited seats from your eLearning website at a special price set by you. The trainer can then begin adding employees to the group or use a code allowing students to enroll themselves in the group without having to purchase a new course.

These were the two major updates in the V4.1.0 of the WISDM Group Registration plugin for LearnDash.

Oh, wait, there’s more!

Having said that, the update also brings to you an Improved Interface and Smoother Navigation along with other minor updates and fixes as follows:

  • A toggle button has been added to enable/disable group registration email notifications.
  • Styling improvements have been made in the group management page.
  • An issue with default or empty emails being set for emails configured in group registration email settings has been fixed.
  • A placeholder has been added to be used in the registration email notification to reset the password.

We’re sure these updates and features will enhance your LearnDash LMS and selling courses to a great extent.

Hit the update button now!

We’ve always welcomed feedback regarding our products with an aim to constantly improve yours and your students’ experience.

The pandemic hasn’t stopped us from creating and delivering the features and updates you deserve. So, hit the update button and enjoy the latest updates to the WISDM Group Registration plugin!

Feel free to reach out in the comments below in case of any queries, we’ll be happy to answer them 🙂

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

2 Responses

  1. Would this group code allow for us to sell to a school district and then have the students self-register for whatever courses they want without having to pay, by simply entering the group code until the number of courses we’ve set are used up (if we don’t select the unlimited option)? Or do all group members need to take the same course(s)?

    1. Hello Jennifer,

      The group codes are for specific courses only. Let’s say the group leader has created a code – ABCD for the group consisting of course- COURSE 1. Then the students who use ABCD will be enrolled into COURSE 1 only.

      For another course there will be a different code . So each code is defined for each group consisting of a particular course. If you have any queries you can email us at [email protected]

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