How can LearnDash Instructors Benefit LearnDash Owners?

    Sharon Koshy
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happy-developerManaging courses and analyzing data. These are among the top challenges faced by e-learning administrators.

eLearning administrators have a tough job. They have to create courses in a timely manner, keep students engaged, find creative ways to craft course content, improve course completion rates… they have a long list of to-dos that seems overwhelming.

How about getting some help?

Course creation and maintenance is a full-time job. You need to think about articulation, structure, add engagement elements, design creatives. It takes effort. But more importantly, it eats away valuable time that could be spent analyzing your course and student performance.

Without proper analysis, you don’t know which courses need attention and the kinds that are working. Looking at data and using it to improve your learning website can be the difference between doing well and doing awesome.

Offloading Course Creation and Management Responsibilities

Once you’ve got your LearnDash website and an initial set of courses ready, you could bring in help to create more courses, and help you grow.

Onboarding instructors can make the task of creating new courses a whole lot more simpler.

Instructors assist you by:

  • Taking away course content creation and management headaches
  • Bringing in super-specialized subject knowledge
  • Innovative ways of delivering course content
  • Getting in fresher perspectives to engage students
  • Managing students and evaluating course progress
  • Freeing up your time for other administrative tasks

Creating Instructors on LearnDash

LearnDash is a complete learning management system. As the admin, you can easily devise extensive courses and manage students. But LearnDash by default does not have an option to add instructors.

For this, you will need the WISDM Instructor Role plugin.

With the Instructor Role plugin, you can easily sign-up users as “Instructors” — you could call them teachers, course authors, or course creators — to build new courses without having admin privileges.

Create Unlimited ‘Instructors’

Instructors can:

  • Set up courses, lessons, topics – they have access to a drag and drop course builder to quickly design course structure
  • Create quizzes and assignments – they can test students using quizzes or ask them to upload assignments
  • Assess student performance – instructors can grade and evaluate student responses to track student progress
  • Communicate with students – there’s an instant messaging option that instructors can use to send notices to students
  • Sell their courses to earn commissions – instructors can sell their courses through WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads and earn a percentage commission on every sale

All of this, without being able to meddle with sensitive LearnDash or WordPress settings. Instructors can view and edit the courses they’ve created and don’t have access to courses or quizzes created by other instructors.

As the admin, you can control instructor rights. You can allow them to auto-publish content they’ve built or only let them save them as drafts for you to review and publish.

But, the awesome part of the Instructor Role plugin has to be the overview LearnDash dashboard that gives instructors a bird’s-eye view of their courses and students.


This dashboard helps users not familiar with the WordPress backend to use the plugin with ease. Which means non-WordPress users have a short learning curve on the path to become instructors.

In addition,

WISDM Instructor Role includes a professional and customizable Instructor Profile page that can be used to share all the necessary information about instructors on your site. Instructors can use this space to add details such as their photo, bio, expertise, qualification, courses created, ratings, and so on.

Profile pages give instructors immense credibility and help them showcase their personality to their prospective students. Plus, this profile page can also be used to share contact information.

Moving Ahead

Managing an e-learning website is a lot of work. You always find yourself juggling between tasks or not being able to complete them on time. A simple trick that can save you time and grow your revenue is to onboard instructors to help with course creation and management responsibilities.

With WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash, you can let instructors or fellow teachers create courses, grade students, and increase course enrollments to give your LearnDash website a positive push ahead.

There are many benefits in store. Time now to try out the idea and welcome instructors on your LearnDash website.

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Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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