Boom Shakalaka! The Most Awaited e-Learning Theme is HERE

    Harsh Shah
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We’ve got news.

We’ve got big news!

We’ve got BIG news!……. sounds about right! 😀

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of this super-awesome product that’s got our whole team celebrating – eLumine – a sophisticated LMS theme that redefines learning technology.

With its arsenal of new features, eLumine guarantees to ease learning management woes and boost student engagement.

Let’s dig in!


Shedding Light on eLumine

WisdmLabs has always had a special interest in building innovative products for the learning industry.

After the success of our very first theme – Pathshala – a new theme was always on the cards; just that, at the time, we did not have much clarity on how it would be.

After marathon brainstorming sessions, some key inputs from our LMS speciality team, and a few healthy UX related debates 😉 …. the idea of eLumine surfaced.

eLumine was going to be a path-breaking WordPress e-learning theme that would integrate with major LMS plugins. Our focus was to create a conducive learning environment to better the training process and improve student outcomes.

Once the design was decided, there was no looking back; we got working!

The result?

*drum rolls, please*

Loaded with unique layouts, sleek interfaces, and support for major WordPress plugins to create a well-rounded education experience – lo and behold – eLumine will exceed your expectations.

Here’s a peek at few of the features we’re most excited about:-


Customized Learning Templates

Unique layouts were always going to be the differentiating factor when it came to eLumine. But ‘different’ was not our focus, learners were.

The difference lies in the smaller changes – strategically placed shortcuts to improve navigation, distraction free layouts for improved readability, adjustable sidebars, and more.

When coupled with LearnDash, eLumine completely redefines the plugin’s templates.


Remodeled Quiz Layout

The best part however has to be the completely remodeled LearnDash quiz layout, that’s built to make the quizzing experience engaging.

As we like to call it, eLumine + LearnDash => Gamification mode ON!

elumine gamification

Contemporary Course Purchase Layouts

With support for the leading e-commerce plugin on WordPress – WooCommerce eLumine offers one-of-a-kind store and product page layouts. The design is uniform, to seamlessly bend the e-store with your learning website.


Social Network Integration

Collaboration, interaction with peers, discussions with instructors are all part of the learning process. Owing to this, we’ve made sure eLumine integrates with leading social networking plugins – BuddyPress and bbPress.


Performance Optimization

Looking for better performance along with awesome UX? You got it! We’ve made sure to oil out all the squeaky wheels to ensure top operating speed. With lazy loading options and SEO support, eLumine guarantees optimal performance.


That’s not all…..

Built with the latest Bootstrap framework and Unyson, eLumine offers a depth of features that include

  • customization options,
  • an integrated page builder,
  • one-click backup and restore options,
  • compatibility with major plugins in the e-learning ecosystem,
  • multilingual support and more…..


You’d have to explore the entire feature list for details. It also goes without saying that eLumine is completely responsive with support for retina displays.


Over to You

eLumine isn’t just another e-learning theme. It’s a platform to radicalize learning from the ground up. That special ingredient that could be the differentiating factor between you and your competition.

This theme is a step in our masterplan to empower you with tools that positively impact the learning process. We’re eager for you try it out!

News about the theme is already making rounds. Join us in spreading the word by tweeting about this with #eLumine.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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