" svn update /home/abc/public_html --username <svn_username> --password <svn_password> >> /dev/null Change svn_username and svn_password with your SVN username and password in above content and then paste it in the terminal. Now save the file. We will have to make this file executable. To do so fire the following command sudo chmod +x /home/abc/svn_repository/hooks/post-commit This completes our configuration. Now checkout the repository in your computer, add some file and commit it. Once you have committed it, you will be able to access it via your browser. For example, if you have committed xyz.html to the repository then you will be able to access it via abc.com/xyz.html. So that’s how you should sync your website with subversion. If you follow all the steps given above in the order that they have been given you will be able to achieve the required result effortlessly. That’s all from my end today. I hope you found this post helpful. I have been doing a lot of RnD lately. Hopefully I’ll find the time to translate that into posts. Until then, goodbye!"/>

How to Sync Your Website with Subversion