How to develop a WordPress Music Uploader to share and sell Audio Files

    Aparna Gawade
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When MegaUpload file sharing service was shut down in January 2012, it left a gaping hole in many people’s lives disabling them to share media songs with each other and make money out of it!

What if there was an easier way to upload music online with the added advantage of making money using a music sharing site?




Such a music sharing/purchasing website could be effectively created by developing a WordPress music uploader.

Audio bloggers, musicians and music lovers alike can quickly and easily add different music formats and sell their music anywhere in their WordPress site by customizing an elegant looking responsive WordPress theme to accept the top most common and current music formats namely, WAV, MP3, MP4A and OGG.

To make your media sale more productive you could have the following configurations and settings in place:

1.  People enjoy sharing music with people who are just as open to finding new music! Considering this fact you can upload any number of music files in each of these widely used formats.

2. Music Genre to segregate each song according to it’s category. Eg-Rock, Classical, Jazz etc. This is pretty obvious! People have music preferences which reveal their inner thoughts and feelings, so a music genre should be present!

 3. You may also want to have a description box that gives a brief summary of the media file a user selects! Say the names of songs in that file, singers, music formats etc.

4. Image of the song! This will make your website and the uploaded audio file more appealing to the users.

5. During times of multiple media files selection, the user would prefer to filter results of his favorite music and optimize his search! We can have different audio types for such optimization that would enable users to navigate for their favorite music with ease.

6. Users would only download those songs which fit their needs. So you can have a limited time of play on each song which will allow the users to listen to every song of their choice before downloading.

7. Each media file owner can set the price of his sale. The owner can also set the price of individual songs in that sale.

We feel the following approach could be used in WordPress to start with:

The Page from where the media files are added will have the following fields:

  1. File uploader fields enabling the auction owner to add any number of audio files. These files can be uploaded using media uploader of WordPress. We can however restrict users to upload only the top most widely used audio extensions namely  WAV, MP3, MP4A and OGG using some WordPress hooks.
    Please note : Since Firefox does not support MP3 file format, we need to have a FFmpeg library (Used for streaming digital audio and video in various formats) already installed in our auction plugin that enables users to upload MP3 files even on Firefox!
  2. There could be three audio buttons- Album, Project and song and the selected option out of these three will be shown as Audio Type on the front end to help media buyer optimize his search results.
  3. A text field mentioning duration in seconds for each audio file is also a good addition to have.
  4. A text field stating the price of each music file is needed.
  5. To enable the users to listen to music for free before downloading, we’ll have to set the path of a particular song in the meta fields path of the audio player. This audio player then enables music to flow through it and is displayed to users in the front end.


Suppose there is a user who wants to sell confidential data or an important piece of information to one of his clients, he can do so by using the Auctions functionality! In auctions the sale is visible only to the sale/auction owner and the client to whom the owner wants to sell the data. So the registered user can securely sell his music online. To know more about online auctions, Click Here! 

There are many more modifications which could be achieved with the above WordPress Music Uploader architecture.

Get in touch with Us to know more about such customizations!

Aparna Gawade

Aparna Gawade

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