How to Effectively Boost Customer Loyalty on Your WooCommerce Store

    Harsh Shah
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82% of small businesses say that loyal customers are their prime source of business growth.

It’s evident from this that you need to go the extra mile to earn the trust of your customers and retain customer loyalty. It is necessary to focus on earning a loyal customer, not just closing a sale.

There are several approaches to building customer loyalty on your e-store. Numerous website development platforms like WordPress are available today to help you create robust WooCommerce stores and integrate extensive loyalty programs to encourage customer loyalty.

No matter how beautiful and functional your website is, it won’t help if you don’t rise to your customer’s expectations or do not provide customer specific personalization.

As Damon Richards puts it so succinctly, “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

"Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care" by -Damon Richards.

This leads us to the question…

What exactly do you to boost customer loyalty on your WooCommerce store?


1. Create a Connection with Your Customers

For starters, let your customers know that they matter to you. It is a proven fact that targeting repeat customers is a far better way of earning revenue than constantly chasing new customers. To create a connection with your customers you need to anticipate their needs and satisfy them before they even realize they are in need of something.

Strong Bond between a seller and a buyer

Customer-specific service is a great way of generating that personal connect. Keep a track of what your customer is looking at on your store and provide recommendations and advice accordingly. It always helps if you sell the service instead of selling the product as courteous treatment will make your customer a walking advertisement


2. Encourage Free Flow of Communication

Smooth and sound Communication between buyer and the seller

Talk to your customers and listen to them as well. A lot of great product and marketing ideas have been generated through the customers feedback. You can add a live chat functionality on the WooCommerce store or even set up a product enquiry system, so as to let your customers get in touch with ease.


3. Maintain Transparency

This one is a no-brainer, but important nonetheless. Complete transparency with respect to product, pricing, costs, and shipping is a must. Nobody likes being taken for a ride, least of all your sources of revenue.

Some of the ways of maintaining transparency on your WooCommerce store include displaying shipping and delivery costs upfront, integrating and posting genuine product reviews and ratings to assure visitors of your authenticity, etc.


4. Offer Personalized Discounts

Offering exclusive, tailor-made discounts is one of the best ways of boosting customer loyalty. Every customer loves feeling special and everybody loves a good discount; when you combine the two, you have a game-changer in hand. The thing is to sell these discounts smartly. For instance, instead of having a generic 10% off for all customers, how about setting variable discounts for a specific customer, or the pool of regular buyers, or maybe even offering a Group Discount!

variable discounts right from 5% to 75%

You can even consider setting up dynamic pricing for your most valued customers, where the discount increases in proportion to the number of items or the total amount of purchase

This tends to increase your word-of-mouth reach automatically and effortlessly. Furthermore Discounts, coupons, customized packages, recommendations based on their previous purchases, are all ways of telling your customers that you are listening and learning.


5. Bundle Surprises

Given the tremendous competition in e-commerce, it is not enough to stick to tried and tested, safe stratagems. You need to keep surprising your customers and competitors alike by doing the unexpected. Bundled products, personalized packages, and innovative deals can be useful here.

Have a look at any successful marketing campaign; the best ones have been those that took an idea and turned it on its head!



Creating a glitch-free website or managing the back-end like a pro will need time and experience. You might need to test a few things out, to see how your customers are responding, and acclimatize yourself with the inner workings to organize your store better. If times get dire, you can even think of hiring a professional website developer to get the work done.

There are several tools that can help you add product pricing for your customers in bulk, negotiate with them to reach a mutually suitable price, or even set up exclusive offers for them in short order.

WooCommerce gives you the freedom to choose from a plethora of WordPress plugins to boost customer loyalty on your e-store. If dynamic pricing for wholesale products or individualized pricing for every customer is what you are looking for, Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce is the way to go. If variable discounts are what you are looking for, WooCommerce Bulk Discounts can be a good option.

There are several other such plugins that provide every functionality you need to build customer loyalty on your WooCommerce store. An in-depth comparison and study of these plugins ought to be made before you reach a conclusion.

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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