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‘Do the Woo’ – A New Hub for WooCommerce Builders Community

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      Connecting the WooCommerce Builder community

If you’ve been in the WooCommerce space for a while, you are familiar with the name BobWP.

Bob Dunn, has been in the WordPress space since 2007 and a part of the WooCommerce community since it’s release in 2011. 

He’s always been big on helping the community – as a blogger, as host of the popular podcast ‘Doo the Woo’ and now with his newest venture, the Do the Woo website

Get ready to Do the Woo! – Connecting the WooCommerce Builder Community

There are many members of the WooCommerce community. Some build WooCommerce websites. Others offer products or services built around WooCommerce. 

Even under the larger umbrella of WooCommerce, they often operate as individual units.

Now, imagine a central hub where they could connect and mutually benefit from shared insights and perspectives. Enter- the Doo the Woo website!

BobWP’s newest venture aims to bring the WooCommerce builder community together.It will, of course, feature the popular Doo the Woo podcast along with news and events. It’s the place to make connections, have conversations, and stay up to date on everything WooCommerce. 

We’re Friends of Do the Woo! Here’s why you should be too!

As a Friend of Do the Woo

  • Get insights into the WooCommerce builder community
  • Make connections with the right people
  • Be on top of everything going on in the WooCommerce space

And other perks: 

  • You can list WooCommerce-centric jobs and find qualified talent
  • Your blog is featured on the website and able to reach a relevant audience
  • You can personally connect with Bob, who can answer your questions or help you make the right connections in the WooCommerce ecosystem

Whether you’re a company or an individual, this is an opportunity to have your voice heard in the Woo ecosystem. 

And at the end of the day, it’s great to a part of a community with similar goals! So be sure you check it out!

PS: Join us for a webinar with BobWP on October 15th, Thursday as we chat about shifting to eCommerce in 2020, the do’s and don’ts of building a successful business with WooCommerce, and how the community can help. Register Here!

Samrat Roy

Samrat Roy

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