Custom Product Boxes 2.1 : A Treat for the Eyes and More

    Sai Krishna Pothamsetty
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Custom Product Boxes has always been the go-to plugin for our users when it comes to bundling products like a pro. To make things more delightful, we are happy to announce Version 2.1 with a host of features guaranteed to take Custom Product Boxes’ user experience to the next level.


What’s New?

A Revamped User Interface

The frontend and backend are now revamped. We have made changes to the horizontal as well as vertical layout. The improvements include swapping of gift and product boxes, changing the plus and minus icons upon hovering and removing the dotted lines of the gift box. Buttons, icons and progress messages are now more classy.


Horizontal Layout

Specific changes to the Horizontal Layout include handling alignment issues, improvements in scrolled view and adding a separator (which can be seen when the background color for a gift box is set) above and below to differentiate from product boxes in the scrolled view.



Vertical Layout

The Vertical Layout has also been revamped just like the Horizontal Layout.



This is how neat the separator looks:


Multiple Theme Compatibility

Custom Product Boxes is now compatible with 10 new themes which are guaranteed to enhance your visual experience with the plugin. Flatsome, Retailer, Shopkeeper, Storefront, Avada, Enfold and the 4 latest WordPress default themes are now fully compatible with the plugin.

What’s Different?


Tax Overhaul and Box Price

Tax calculation in the Checkout section is now more robust.
We have also added text for the box price. Custom Product boxes will now display a gift box total, additional box charges and a grand total for each custom product box.

When a product gets added to the box then if there are any product-specific taxes, then they are applied to that product and the total price including the tax is automatically calculated.

In the backend, you can handle your WooCommerce tax settings with ease. There is also a tax class and tax status field which you can access in your backend




This is the Tax Status field in the Admin panel.



Gift Box Settings

Now you can change your Gift box to any color of your choice. There is an option to change the color provided in your backend





Apart from these changes, there are a couple of bug fixes. We have also changed the default size of gift layout in the gift box. Previously it was calculated on the basis of thumbnail size which was conflicting if the thumbnail size was different. There are improvements in progress message display as well as the display time in the dynamic message box.

Ready to Update?

We hope this update solves the nitty-gritty aspects of your beloved plugin’s functionalities and helps improve your overall experience with our dear plugin. If you feel that we have left out something or want some cool new feature then do let us know in the comment section below. Happy Bundling!




Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

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