WISDM Customer Specific Pricing is Now Compatible with WooCommerce Product Tables

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Customers! It’s all about them, isn’t it?! You want to make their life simple, smoothen the shopping process, simplify purchases.

In the WooCommerce world, there are many extensions that assist you to do this. One such plugin being WooCommerce Products Table. WooCommerce Products Table creates a clear view of the shop page, allows you to control the data you display, and speeds us the buying process.

It’s awesome for any WooCommerce store owner who has relatively simple products. We know this because we received a lot of requests asking for WooCommerce Products Table compatibility with WISDM Customer Specific Pricing. And we want what’s best for our customers.

Why make Wisdm Pricing Compatible with Products Table



After receiving a couple of requests asking for compatibility with WooCommerce Products Table, we got down to considering providing them a solution.


We noticed that the requests didn’t stop there. Several others asked for compatibility details before making a purchase or even requested a refund when they found that Customer Specific Pricing didn’t work with Products Table.


From their requests and further research, we got to know that making customer-specific pricing data compatible with tables helped WooCommerce store owners in several ways. For example,

  • Customers can immediately see the saving, increasing loyalty
  • Customers can see special prices set for them right away on the shop page without having to go to individual product pages
  • This speeds up the buying process since customers can make a purchase from the shop page itself
  • There is no confusion when it comes to prices

To help our customers and their businesses and take our plugin one step ahead, we decide to roll out an update that made the two plugins work together. A win-win for all.

How is WISDM Customer Specific Pricing Compatible with WooCommerce Product Tables?

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing lets you set special prices for customers, user roles, and groups. When used with WooCommerce Products Table we can show customers the dynamic price set for them along with the regular price. As supported by the Products Table, the sale price is shown beside the regular price. And the regular product price is struck out.

To make discounts on a quantity known to the buyer, the associated special prices are shown in a pop-up when a buyer clicks on the price section.

If you’ve set quantity based prices, the costs are automatically updated when the buyer increases the product quantity.

Moving Ahead

WooCommerce Products Table aims to simplify the WooCommerce purchase experience. Wisdm Customer Specific Pricing’s mission is to increase conversions and loyalty. The plugins together make for a deadly combo that’s sure to make customers happy.

Time now to enjoy the benefits these plugins bring and elevate the experience on your Woo store, right away!

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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