The Essence of a Coming Soon Page for a Killer start of your Website

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This is a guest post by Mirza Balalic at WebFactory.

A coming soon page is something that you’ve probably heard about once or twice but didn’t really make the efforts of making one yourself. Especially if you weren’t familiar with its importance when creating a new site. It holds the potential to be crucial for your success, and as such must be thoroughly examined and utilized.

People often mistake it for a page that pops up when a website is working on solving a certain problem or if the page is not quite ready. But, a coming soon page has quite a few different tasks that build the foundation of your online success. Its main purpose is intriguing visitors with your page’s content. Think of it this way – when you see a coming soon sign on a store, you will be tempted into coming to that shop once it is open to see their products, and possibly buy something.


Why is having a coming page useful?

Well, first of all, it is good to let customers know that you offer certain products or services, a way of building hype around your product. This will strengthen your chances of getting a good start to your business, making sure that you will have page visitors from the start. With this page, you raise anticipation and people will be eager to
view your products.

Now, there are a few tips and tricks in building a good coming soon page.

Introduce yourself

Introducing yourself to your visitors will allow them to connect with you and trust you and your product. This will also allow people to connect a face with a product, and see your business as a legit offering that can give them value.

Add a good headline

Having good-sounding and catchy phrases on your page are always good. You don’t have a lot of time to win their trust and pique their interest, so you need a strategy that will allow you to attract them in a matter of seconds. A good headline will make your page more memorable and will make people come back to your page once it is launched.

Using a rhyme when mentioning your product or asking questions like – Are you ready for this?; or statements like; Come back soon; will intrigue people.

Describe your product

Allowing people to see what kind of product or service you are offering is a big plus. This might attract customers that require your services even easier. Also, a short description of your product could be a good idea, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Add your logo and brand name

Having a distinct identifier of your brand or services is potentially the game-changer in this approach. It does not have to be anything spectacular, but having a small image that will make people connect the picture with your business through the visual aspect is what makes you stand out. A clever logo is something you should work on and should be linked to your brand name.

And coming up with a brand name is something you should take time to work on. Its name should be linked to the type of product or service you are offering.

Display contact information and social media links

Some of your page visitors might want to contact you directly, via email or phone number, for further information about your page launch or perhaps your services. So including a phone number, email, or if your business is connected with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, writing your contact is always a plus.

Allow users to subscribe

Growing your subscriber list starts before the launch itself through emphasizing it on your coming soon page. Having an email sign-up box will allow you to send the newsletter, updates, or the launch time of your page. This is a simple way of making people stay around or even bringing in more customers.

Showcase a commercial

Having a short, fun, engaging video that will showcase your products or service will for sure make your customers interested. In today’s world, we remember short commercials we see on TV and often remember a certain product just for their fun way of presenting their product.

Offer coupons

Giving out coupons or discounts on your products or services is a great thing for making sure you have sales. Let’s be honest, seeing a discount will make you visit a certain store and possibly buy something, just because it is cheaper than the original price. Having a special sale on the day of your launch date is also another way of ensuring sales. You can promote that day on the page itself or send notification emails to your customers, who signed up with their email addresses.

All of these things are some ways to gain popularity or maintain it, but there are also some things you should avoid when building such a page.

Don’t go overboard

Firstly, you should not go all-in when describing your product. A short description; what the product is, its purpose, and encouragement for people to follow it is just enough. The second thing, and possibly the most important thing, is not launching your website on the date written on the coming soon page. You have created so much hype around your business and product, and not launching on time will make customers lose trust in you but also make your business look unprofessional.

If you are in the search for a plugin that will ease your task of creating a killer coming soon page, Coming
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A coming soon page can have a big impact on your website, that is why taking some time in building a good coming soon page is important.

We have given you some of the most important things to keep in mind when building your coming soon page. If you follow these tips and tricks, the success of your webpage is guaranteed.

We hope you found our tips useful and will give our number one plugin a try when building your page.



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