Cloud-Based vs. Open Source Training Management System – Pros and Cons

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The Evolution of Learning Management Systems Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been around for nearly a century and have evolved greatly. This first LMS was much like a typewriter with a window that could administer questions and another window to enter answers. Nowadays Learning Management Systems are much more advanced. Today, a Learning Management System […]

How to Choose an LMS in 2024 – The 9-Step Process

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When you decide to build an e-Learning business, one of the first choices that you need to make is the choice of an LMS platform. It’s a critical choice that can make or break your business – choose the right LMS and everything on your site works smoothly, choose the wrong LMS and you face […]

LearnDash vs. Moodle – Which is Better?

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Choosing an e-Learning platform is never an easy task. Once you decide to set up an e-Learning business, this choice is one of the first choices that you need to make and also the most critical one. An ideal LMS solution should not only provide you enough tools to teach your students effectively during the […]

How to Create A LearnDash Course Certificate?

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Believe it or not – A course certificate, merely a piece of paper, could land your students their dream job. Yup. These certificates are proof of your accomplishments and your learning experience. And, especially with eLearning taking charge, the value of course completion certificates is soaring faster than jets. Why awarding certificates is a must […]