Quiz Reporting Extension v3.0.0 is Here – Bold, Better, and Beautiful!

    Pranoti Panchwagh
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How many times have you wished to export some additional parameters with the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension? In addition to downloading quiz reports, what if you could also download Quiz categories, progress reports, and more?

Well, your wish was our command! Here we bring to you, the WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension version 3.0.0 – a brand new remodel with a dash of new features, a snazzy new user interface, and new filters that will help you create advanced, more detailed reports!

Let’s see what the update has, in greater detail.

  • Upgrade to a Full-fledged Reporting Plugin

With this upgrade, the Quiz Reporting Extension evolves into a full-fledged reporting plugin. Before this, the data that could be exported was limited to student name, question name, student response, points score. However, after the update, admins and instructors will be able to download other data including course category, course progress,  quiz results as per date range or student name, and many others.

This transforms QRE into a complete reporting solution, eliminating your need for alternative options to keep track of student progress.

  • Filters for Students to Keep Track of their Progress

In the previous versions, only course authors/Instructors and Administrators could download student data, which they had to then send to the students.

With this update, the students can themselves view and download the list of quizzes they have attempted and their performance in the same!

They can sort these quizzes by date filters or search for a particular quiz using the search functionality.

  • Completely Revamped User Interface

I’ll be honest, the previous version of QRE was a little jaded. So we thought it was necessary to amp up its style quotient a bit, making it sleeker and smarter. And voila! Here is your latest version, with a jazzy new user interface with a clean and organized display for Admins, Instructors, Group Leaders, and Students!

custom reportExam report

student data


quiz answers


With the new update, WISDM Quiz Reporting Extension intends to make reporting easier for teachers and taught alike, creating an interface that makes viewing and understanding student reports a cakewalk. Try out the new Quiz Reporting Extension today, and don’t forget to share your feedback!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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