LearnDash Gradebook vs Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash: What’s the best way to analyze LearnDash quiz results?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Quiz reporting is a crucial aspect of any e-learning platform, and LearnDash is no exception. If you’re using quizzes in LearnDash to evaluate the performance of your learners in your online courses, then you need a Quiz Reporting tool to analyze the quiz results in LearnDash. 

LearnDash has built-in quiz and course reports and the official reporting plugin, LearnDash ProPanel that gives you summary-level progress and performance reports. But they can only tell you so much.

Additionally, there are several third-party plugins available, to help you with quiz reporting and grading in LearnDash. 

But to help you decide which one is best, we’ll go into detail about Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash and the LearnDash Gradebook in this article.

We’ll briefly go over each option and then we’ll compare the features in-depth so that you can decide which reporting add-on is better for analyzing quiz results in LearnDash.

Let’s begin. Shall we?

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash: Overview

LearnDash Gradebook vs Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash: What's the best way to analyze LearnDash quiz results? 1

Quiz Attempt Analysis Report in Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

The LearnDash Quiz Reporting Extension is a powerful tool that allows you to view and analyze student performance on quizzes, helping you to understand how well your students are understanding the material. This data can be used to identify areas of weakness in your curriculum and make adjustments to your courses to improve the quality of your courses and student performance.

Key features in the Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash

  1. Front-End Reporting for Admins, Instructors, and Group Leaders:-

One of the key features of Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash is that provides admins and group leaders with a dedicated dashboard with graphical and easy-to-understand reports on learner courses and quiz activities such as —

  • Quiz completion rate report
  • Quiz completion time report
  • Learner pass-fail rates report
  • Average quiz attempts report

So that you can quickly get a summary of things like — The percentage of quizzes completed per course, the avg time spent on quizzes, and the pass percentage of quiz attempts in courses, among other things. 

This information is valuable as it helps you understand the performance of your quizzes across courses.

  1. Detailed LearnDash quiz statistics: 

The plugin also proves you with various types of quiz reports such as —

  • Quiz Attempts Summary with correct/incorrect questions.
  • Quiz Attempt Analysis Report.
  • Customizable Quiz Attempt Reports.
  • A Learner’s All Quiz Attempts Summary.

These reports give you additional quiz data like — The number of students who attempted the quiz, the average score as well as the individual score of students, the time taken by each student to complete the quiz, and the percentage of students who answered each question accurately, among other things.

You can search through these reports by users’ name, quiz as well as course.

  1. Ability to generate customized quiz attempt reports in LearnDash:-

Analyzing quiz attempts in LearnDah is a whole other ball game. But it’s of utmost importance, as by digging into quiz attempts, you gain in-depth knowledge that helps you evaluate your learners accurately.

And to help simplify the process, Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash provides you with a way to filter through the reports and generate:-

  • Course-wise Quiz attempt Reports
  • Group-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
  • Quiz-wise Quiz Attempts reports
  • Learner-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
  • Date-wise Quiz Attempts Reports
  1. Easy export and share:-

Another important feature of the Quiz Reporting Extension is the ability to export reports. All the above reports can be exported in a CSV or PNG format. You can share it with your Students, group Leaders, other administrators, and teachers as well.

Pricing Plans:-

  • The annual plan starts at – $120(single site)
  • The Lifetime plan starts at – $ 360(single site)

For multisite licenses check out this page.


Try the Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDash Demo here.

LearnDash Gradebook: Overview  


Test Gradebook for all users in LearnDash Gradebook

Gradebook for LearnDash By Real Big Plugins is useful front-end grading and report card system designed for LearnDash. It provides group leaders and admins with grade books to view on the front end. This helps in getting a quick overview of the grades of all users.

Additionally, the filters allow the teachers to search through users for insights on average grades, view grades of individual users, and also export the grades in CSV to share with the rest of the team.

What’s more is that, you can even sort the grade book by user first name, last name, and email.

Key features of LearnDash Grabebook:

  • Front-End Reports for Group Leaders, Teachers, and Admins:-

With the help of Front-End Reports, you can easily show your courses’ overall grades, quiz grades, and homework grades all in one place. Moreover, you can also use blocks or shortcodes to display the report cards on the front end.

  • Front-End Report Card for Students:- 

The Gradebook add-on for LearnDash helps you display grades and percentage scores of students on the front end of your site, You can also add links to the assignments and quizzes, etc.

  • Grade Manually:

Even though you’ve added accurate grades for your students, sometimes you might want to make changes to it due to improvement in performance.  Using Gradebook, you can easily do that by manually adjusting their grade.

  • Assign a percentage to grades: 

This feature in Gradebook for LearnDash helps you assign points to individual items that contribute towards the final grade. So, you can set percentage values for A+, A-, A, B+, etc., and calculate the grade items as a percentage of the final grade.

  • Export Grades:

Like every other Reporting tool, Gradebook also allows you to easily export and share component as well as individual grades.


  • Annual license starts at $79/year.


Not Available

Quiz Reporting Extension VS LearnDash Gradebook: Comparison

Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDashGradebook for LearnDash
PricingAnnual – $120/ year
Lifetime – $360/year
Annual – $79/year
Lifetime – Not Available
Post Purchase Experience1 year of updates and premium Support1 year of updates and premium Support
Money Back Guarantee Yes – 15 daysNo
Multisite ReadyYesYes
Front-End Quiz Reports for UsersAdmins, Instructors, Group LeadersAdmins, Instructors, Group Leaders
Types of Quiz ReportsQuiz Summary Report, Time Spent in Quiz Report, Detailed quiz Attemt Analysis ReportGradebook with overall Course Grades, Quiz Grades, Test Grades, Homework Grades
Time Spent in Quizzes ReportYes No
Filtering OptionsCourse, Group, Quiz, User, Date of attemptGroup, User Name, Email Address,  User Login
Exporting Quiz DataExport as CSV, PNGExport as CSV
Demo LinkView DemoNot Available
Purchase LinkBuy Quiz Reporting Extension for LearnDashBuy Gradebook for LearnDash

So, which one will you choose?

If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use way to assign, evaluate, and share grades, the LearnDash Gradebook is probably the best choice. It comes with flexible settings and the ability to provide admins, group leaders, instructors, and students access to the grade books on the front end.

However, if you need more detailed and in-depth reporting and analysis capabilities for quizzes, the Quiz Reporting Extension is the better choice. It provides a wealth of data, metrics, and insightful reports that can help you understand student performance and identify areas where your course may need improvement.

Ultimately, the choice between the LearnDash Gradebook and the Quiz Reporting Extension will depend on your specific needs and goals. Both are powerful tools with insightful quiz reports. And can help you analyze quiz results easily in LearnDash and improve the effectiveness of your LearnDash-powered courses.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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