10 Reasons to Translate Your WordPress Website

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The many improvements in transportation, along with the vast technology of the internet has brought the world much closer together. There are very few things which separate us today. One of the few things that can do so is our language.

George Weber, in “Language Today”, lists the top five most influential languages in the world as these, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic. While the Summer Institute for Linguistics also lists those languages as being in the top ten, no two groups seem to agree on precise numbers or which language is more often used.

One thing that everyone can agree on is that it is absolutely necessary to have more than one language present on your WordPress website. If you are to benefit from all of the many buyers and prospective customers in the world, if you are to take advantage of the vast globalization of business today, your WordPress website must reflect diversity and respect for the other languages which are in use. You can find a translation company to support you about this project.

#1 Reach

If your website is in more than one language, you are automatically increasing the number of potential customers you will reach. By showcasing your company in a number of different major foreign languages, you will capture the attention of many more potential customers than you otherwise would with just one language.

#2 Trust

For most people there is an issue of trust when it comes to buying over the internet, especially if they feel the information is in a language they do not speak perfectly. Offering customers a language alternative allows them to feel secure in the fact they know what they are buying, how they are buying it and from whom.

#3 Exporting Successfully

A multilingual website is probably one of the most cost effective ways of marketing your company on an international scale. By presenting your website in a number of languages, you will capture new users, build stronger relationships with new clients and most importantly appear higher in search results in different languages.

#4 International Image

It is one thing to say that your company is international and that you are willing to work across borders. It is quite another to show that you are truly international and that your international clients are important to you. One effective way of showing this is by translating your webpage into the languages spoken in your most important markets.

#5 Competitive Edge

To translate your WordPress website, even part of it, can seem like quite an effort. For those companies that do take on this project, they will be a step ahead of their competitors who only have their site in just a single language. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors and set the lead by having a multilingual website.

#6 Effective Marketing

If you are selling something, a unique brand, it can reach a worldwide status just by simply allowing multiple language interfaces to be accessed on your website. More people equals more financial prosperity and a very cost-effective marketing tool without having to spend thousands with a marketing company to translate and virtually sell your products across the international market.

#7 Brand New Customers

If your business has already conquered the English-speaking market, then there is nowhere else to look for new customers than across the globe. Having a translated WordPress website in various languages not only banks profit and potential for loyal customers, but it brings new customers by the thousands. Nothing says “consideration and understanding” more than having a WordPress website that cares to impress and sell your product in a potential customer’s own foreign language. It is attention-grabbing to see a company or a general information website translated in various tongues, which in turn convinces potential visitors that the owner of this website has a very open-mind to distribute their information on a global scale.

#8 Promote Cultures

When you use a professional translator to offer your goods and services to customers you are showing your respect for their language and culture, by offering them the products in a way that they can understand.

#9 Broaden Cyberscape Horizons

The internet is an invention of native English speakers and so, it is widely margined as an English language-based place. Opening the prospect of new languages has a lot of marketable potential to be tapped. English- speaking nations as been marked as the most widely used internet users, but also it has marked that not many of these native speakers care much for online business. However, the same ratings posed that complete non-native countries (e.g. France, Japan, China, Italy, etc.) are steadily coming into the World Wide Web with substantial growth. This opportunity can mean that countries that are barely discovering the true potential of the internet are likely to be loyal followers for any given business over time, which then means more revenue for your WordPress website should its content be distributed in different languages.

#10 Translating Your WordPress website is Cheap!

Translating a website is not expensive, there are simple plugins that facilitate the process and will replicate the structure of the site and only translate the code. The amount of potential sales that upgrading your site to be multilingual brings far outweighs the small costs of upgrading the back-end of your website.

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Author Bio:

Connie is a content writer at Speakt. She is a professional writer from USA. She has in a degree in English literature from university of Houston, She likes to write a lot which is the main reason she joined Team Speakt!



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