WisdmLabs is now a Gold WooExpert!

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It all started with our fixation of WooCommerce. As a web development company specializing in e-commerce services, incorporating a solution as comprehensive as WooCommerce in our offerings was not just an option, it was a mandate, and so we did.

Before we knew it, we were swearing by WooCommerce as a top notch ecommerce plugin for WordPress, even going to lengths of recommending the same to our clients who were looking for ecommerce solutions for their businesses. Practice is the only route to perfection. While we weren’t really perfect at what we did, we bettered ourselves to the point when we were pretty good with WooCommerce developments.

We loved working with WooCommerce, and WooThemes, the creators of the plugin, loved us right back and listed us an Affiliated WooWorker on their website.

It was a momentous accomplishment, knowing all the hard work you put in has paid off. That it is appreciated and showcased by the front runners in the industry, for the world to recognize.

The kind that leads to bigger and better things.

What transpired next was  300+ Projects that involved WooCommerce, 15 Woo-powered Services and 8 Extension Plugins that run on top of – yep you guessed it!

And here we are today, grinning ear-to-ear every single time we look at this screen right here:


Notice the badge in gold? That’s right; WisdmLabs is now accredited by WooThemes as an expert of the highest order i.e a Gold WooExpert! We’re one of the only 5 companies to be titled as such, and the only one based in Asia!

What the future holds is uncertain, but one thing that’s certain is it definitely involves a lot more of WooCommerce for us. This is just the beginning, and the road to perfection is a long, bumpy joyride filled with codes.

We’ll keep you posted!



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