Why you shouldn’t shy away from the $279.95 Event Espresso 4 Price Tag

    Tahseen Kazi
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sold-out-event-waiting-listsA general sentiment that I have observed with users looking for an event registration and ticketing system is that the $279.95 Event Espresso 4 Price tag is rather high, bordering on outrageous.

This opinion mainly stems from the fact that in the open source world of WordPress, we’re always looking for low-priced products. A quick look at will make you realize that WordPress plugins are priced at an average of $45. In comparison, when you think about spending a whopping $279.95 on Event Espresso the word outrageous is bound to get associated with your opinion

As for my opinion, it is DIFFERENT from yours! After having used Event Espresso extensively for various clients, I beg to differ about the hoopla around the $279.95 Event Espresso 4 price tag.

Here’s my justification.

Full-scale Features

The first and most important aspect that makes me place my bets on Event Espresso is the comprehensive list of 51 disparate features that the plugin has to offer.

It covers most particulars of an event registration and ticketing system thereby leading to an effortless website set up experience. Just plug-n-play and start selling event tickets from your website in a language supported by EE4.

Need some particular feature? Look up in the long list and you’ll mostly find it there. If you don’t find the feature of your choice then you have hooks and filters to your rescue to develop any required customizations.

Additional Add-ons

There are 9 plugins featured on the list of Event Espresso 4 (EE4) add-ons at this point of time. Which means the $279.95 Event Espresso 4 price tag includes the basic plugin along with the 9 add-ons developed for EE4.

The package thus includes a total of 10 plugins at a combined price of $279.95. At an average cost of $45/plugin, the entire system will approximately cost you $450, an amount which is way higher than the price at which the package is being offered.

Furthermore, this package also entitles you to get all future add-ons that will be developed  for EE4 without any additional cost. So, not only with features you are also sorted as far as any premium add-ons are concerned. (But obviously, only a valid license can demand these luxuries)

Speedy Support

If there is something more frustrating than a missing software it is software that does not work. Not only does this lead to overhead costs, but also becomes a cause for flaring tempers. With appropriate plugin support, this kind of hassle can be avoided. And end users are increasingly understanding its importance.

So, if this is an important parameter on your must-haves for an event registration and ticketing plugin then Event Espresso is worth your money. With a dedicated support forum and short turn around time, the developers address plugin related issues (i.e. if there are any) precisely and quickly. Their reply almost feels like a live chat. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

$279.950-Event- Espresso 4-Price- Tag-support
Event Espresso: Short Turnaround Time

Also, all support queries are segmented logically and are available on their support forum.

If plugin support is not an important parameter then it’s high time you should start taking it seriously to avoid any post purchase hiccups.

Detailed Documentation

If the comprehensive features and speedy support were not enough, the developers of Event Espresso 4 will surprise you with the detailed documentation provided in support of the plugin.

Every aspect of the plugin right from installation, setup, troubleshooting, and  add-on installation and setup is given utmost importance in the documentation. Further, all the documentation  is supported with relevant  screenshots and segmented neatly for users to access with absolute ease.

$279.950-Event- Espresso 4-Price- Tag-documentation
Event Espresso: Segmented Documentation

If that’s not all, the developers have provided in-app documentation. The plugin supports three documentation systems – help tours, help tabs and tool tips.

The in-app documentation along with the online documentation enables you to set up your ticketing website without any technical assistance.


On face value, I agree that the $279.95 Event Espresso 4 price tag might seem exaggerated. But that’s just the surface. You dig in a little and the bigger picture is more convincing than most other plugins. Covering all aspects concerning a plugin, Event Espresso makes for a better, more convincing picture. They seem to have started off with quality as their business plan and this agenda reflects in every business aspect.

And so, I rest my case.

Defense is open for questions in the comments section 😉



Tahseen Kazi

Tahseen Kazi

2 Responses

  1. We loved your article!

    The core Event Espresso 4 plugin can be purchased for $69.95 (or less if you’re a non-profit organization).

    You highlight the Event Espresso 4 Everything License ( which is a particularly good deal because, as you said, you effectively pay less than $28 per plugin. I’d like to highlight two other reasons Event Espresso 4 Everything License is so great:

    1) The Event Espresso 4 Everything license includes any NEW add-ons we will release for Event Espresso 4. We have several add-ons in the works, including: Multiple Event Registration, Promotion Codes and Discounts, WP User Integration, and gateways such as SagePay and iDeal/Mollie. So, over the course of the next 12 months there will be at least six more add-ons included in the Everything License, and you’ll get free access to them if you buy now.

    2) The Event Espresso 4 Everything License renewal is discounted 35%. That means, that next year you are going to save 35% off the current list price, making the price per add-on less than $20.

    Maybe Event Espresso needs to re-think their pricing strategy. 😉

    1. Yes, Garth you are right! the highlight of this post is the Event Espresso Everything License. I for one like the plan due to all the add-ons (existing as well as upcoming) it has to offer.

      As for the pricing strategy, you could work around it, or better still add some super awesome add-ons. That plan should work out just fine too 😀 (In hindsight the latter works better I think!)

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