WISDM Product Enquiry Pro: Replace your ‘Add to Cart’ button with ‘Inquiry’ button

    Tarun Rai
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Product Enquiry Pro LogoYou requested- We listened! With WISDM Product Enquiry Pro plugin (PEP) for WooCommerce, you can now replace the ‘Add to Cart’ button with the Inquiry button for your entire store or specific products.

This Enquiry button feature along with other PEP’s features in the list adds a whole lot of value to your WooStore, especially in today’s challenging times.

With this special feature, you can now hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button and display only the Enquiry button on WooCommerce product pages and the shop page too.

This comes in handy when you have products in your WooCommerce store that can’t directly be purchased from your site, but can only be enquired about.

A settings option, provided right alongside other PEP settings, saves you the trouble of having to meddle in code.

How to Hide/Replace the WooCommerce ‘Add to Cart’ button?

For those of you familiar with the Product Enquiry Pro plugin’s settings should have no trouble using this setting because it is quite similar to the ‘Enable/Disable PEP’ setting (which allows you to hide the enquiry button for particular products).

Hide Add to Cart for all Products

To hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button for all your products, go to:

  • Product Enquiry settings
  • Set ‘Enable Add to Cart for all products’ to ‘No‘.


If you want to display the ‘Add to Cart’ button for specific products in your WooCommerce store, then, hide the button as stated above and head over to the ‘Add/Edit’ settings page of the product. On the product page set ‘Enable Add to Cart for this product’ to ‘Yes’ to display the button.

Hide Add to Cart for Specific Products

To hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button only for specific products (which would mean a majority of your products would have the ‘Add to Cart’ button visible while only certain products would have the button hidden), you would need to do the following.

Ensure that the ‘Enable Add to Cart for all products‘ is set to ‘Yes‘ in Product Enquiry Settings. Then, go to a product’s ‘Add/Edit’ settings page and set ‘Enable Add to Cart for this product‘ to ‘No‘, to hide the display of the button.enable-per-product-pep-add-to-cart


Hint: To make sure the product enquiry button is displayed when the ‘Add to Cart’ button is hidden, set the Enable PEP for this product to ‘Yes’ when ‘Enable Add to Cart for this product’ is ‘No’.

If you want to take your WooCommerce store to the next level and enhance user experience, it’s time to consider implementing Product Enquiry Pro. Get WooCommerce Experts Help

Convert your WooStore into a members-only or products catalog store!

Apart from allowing people to enquire regarding your products, you can also choose to further step up your WooCommerce game by converting your store into a members-only store.

Our Product Enquiry Pro plugin is also compatible with our latest WISDM Products Catalog Manager plugin.

With the WISDM Products Catalog Manager, you can hide the ‘Pricing’ and the ‘Purchase option’ for your guest users to make your store available exclusively for your registered or signed up customers only.

In doing so, you can increase appeal, generate curiosity and most importantly, increase sign ups and customer registrations leading to more sales and growth of your WooCommerce store.

What’s even better – WISDM Products Catalog Manager is available for free!

Your Feedback

Did you know- Along with an option to customize the inquiry form, an option to replace or hide the Add to Cart button was the most requested feature for the WISDM Product Enquiry plugin?

We take customer feedback seriously, and ensure that we constantly update the plugin to include customer requirements. So keep the feedback coming! 🙂

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the hide/replace ‘Add to Cart’ feature, and on additional features you’d like to see as a part of the PEP plugin.

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  1. How can customers make an enquiry about a product in WooCommerce?
    Customers can make an enquiry about a product by using plugins like “Product Enquiry for WooCommerce,” which allows them to “Make an Enquiry” or “Request a Quote” directly from the product page.
  2. Can I customize the product enquiry form in WooCommerce?
    Yes, you can customize the product enquiry form in WooCommerce to suit your needs. Plugins like “WooCommerce Product Enquiry” offer easy customization options.
  3. Is there a way to add FAQs to WooCommerce products?
    Yes, you can add frequently asked questions (FAQs) to WooCommerce products to provide customers with more information. This helps address common queries and enhances the customer experience.
  4. What are the benefits of using a product enquiry form in WooCommerce?
    Having a product enquiry form on the product page can encourage customer engagement and lead to increased sales. It allows customers to ask questions, seek clarification, and make informed purchase decisions.
Tarun Rai

Tarun Rai

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