Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Review: Is it the best eCommerce Plugin?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Review: Is it the best eCommerce Plugin? 1

Before making a purchase, buyers have many questions about the product. 

Questions like — What is the max order quantity? Is it available in more colors? Can an order be delivered before the delivery date? 

And if their questions are unanswered, customers will bounce back. OR.

Buy from another store where they have a better chance of getting all information about the product they are buying.

Now in a retail store, there’s a salesperson to educate the buyer. 

But what can you do if you own a web shop?

Simple. Hire an online sales rep. — Not a real person. But an enquiry plugin that lets you handle, keep track of, and respond to all queries.

That’s why today I’ll review Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce which helps you address all queries and convert leads into buyers.

What is Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce and how does it work?

As the name suggests, Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce lets you answer all pre-sale questions. It allows customers to send in all their queries directly from the product page.

This plugin lets you do both — Generate an ‘inquiry form’ and Add a ‘quote request’ button.

So now, your customers can ask for anything from the product’s size, color, and price to tax and shipping. It’s similar to placing an order in WooCommerce. 

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You can add a user-friendly inquiry button for all your products. Customers can then ‘Request a Quote’ or ‘Enquire about a Product’.

And for the record, the plugin allows customers to keep all their inquiries in an Enquiry Cart. So they can request quotes for multiple products as well.

For customers who are logged in, user details are filled in automatically. 

As the admin, you can add fields in the contact form by simply dragging and dropping them.  Therefore the plugin also allows you to customize the form according to the different products on your website.

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For big-ticket clients, it also allows buyers to select products and quantities in bulk and then send a single query request. Thus, saving a lot of time and effort.

All the queries are sent via mail to either the admin or the store owner (depending on the e-mail settings you select).

Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce Review: Is it the best eCommerce Plugin? 2

Additionally, admins or store owners can also control the visibility of the enquiry button.

Like, place it on all products or only on Out-of-stock products.

Moreover, they can hide the ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’  buttons as well as the product price and replace it with an inquiry button.h1Pd15Y5mc8hbtWICFcSB we5t3Gzf8nkL3lChOjA Yu1M29ahaVrK

Features of Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce

The Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce lets you —

  • Add Enquiry/Quote Request Button on Shop page and Product Pages
  • Customize inquiry buttons and forms
  • Personalize your inquiry forms by adding a brand logo
  • Drag and Drop Form Builder to add and validate form fields 
  • Use Bulk actions to Enable/Disable Enquiry button, Add to Cart Button, and Price for products individually, multiple, and out-of-stock products
  • Allow customers to send Bulk inquiries or Quote requests for multiple products via a single email
  • Enable the Mini-Cart Widget on the products page and allow customers to record all their Product Inquiries
  • Quickly filter specific customer quotations or inquiries by their Name, Product ID, Email address, or Product name
  • Reply or create pricing quotations in  pdf format right from your WordPress Dashboard
  • Allow Customers to keep a copy of the inquiry email 
  • Add Multiple Recipients for incoming Enquiry Emails
  • Support for Variable Products
  • WPML Compatible, Translation Ready, and Responsive
Further Reading: Product Enquiry Pro is Now WPML Compatible

Advantages of using Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce

Here are some benefits of using Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce

This plugin acts as a 24/7 sales rep for your WooCommerce store. It allows you to stay in direct contact with your customer, answer all their demands, and resolve all their queries. 

Therefore, it increases your chances of converting a lead into a customer. Using Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce, customers can reach you privately. They don’t have to post their queries on a forum therefore it lets them speak more confidently.

It gives you the freedom to add the inquiry button anywhere on your site. You can quickly filter and export the inquiry quotes from the dashboard to analyze further.

Note: This is how easy it is to find inquiries using Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce.

One of the biggest advantages of using Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce is that you can use it for your services as well. In case a customer has a specific requirement, they can easily reach you to communicate regarding the service.

But wait, that’s not it!

Product Enquiry PRO from WisdmLabs is easily customizable and offers great support too. 
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What can I use Product Enquiry Pro for?

There are various types of products/customers where the Product Enquiry Pro can help —

Variables Products — For variations of variable products (ex. size) customers can easily enquire or request a quote. 

Big Ticket Clients — ‘Bulk buyers’ or ‘Wholesale buyers’ are always looking to negotiate in order to get a good offer. Using Product Enquiry Pro, you can offer them an easy way to close the deal.

Out of Stock Products — You can show the ‘Request a quote’ option for out-of-stock products as well.

Products with unfixed prices — This plugin is perfect for WooCommerce store owners who don’t have fixed prices or don’t want to show prices on the product’s page.

Expensive products — Expensive products usually have a longer sales cycle because the customer is trying to gather all the information possible before making the purchase.  Since the process is long it can give businesses a chance to develop customer relationships. Therefore, with the product inquiry Pro plugin, businesses can start the conversation and build trust over time.

Leads  – Lastly, this plugin is perfect to capture leads. You can customize the inquiry button and the form to get their number, email address, and skype ID, among other things.

Want to learn what more you can do with Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce? Read this case study to know how we customized the quotation system for an industrial electronics distributor based in Indiana.

Product Enquiry Pro Pricing:

The plugin comes with 3 pricing plans and is billed annually.

  • Single site license — $80
  • 5 site licenses —  $120
  • 10 site licenses —  $160

You can compare the pricing plans here.

You also get a 15-day free trial and complete access to all premium features. Premium support during the free trial is also available. 

In case the plugin is not what you’re looking for, you can get a complete refund within 15 days.

Is Product Enquiry Pro the best eCommerce plugin?

Other ‘request a quote’ plugins for WooCommerce also exist.

But with so many features and options of customization, at $80 Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce is a bargain!

The plugin is easy to set up, allows for bulk inquiries via a single email, is compatible with the WPML plugin to cut language barriers, and enables customers to accept or reject quotations sent by the product owner, among other things.

The only drawback with this plugin is that it does not support RTL language but so do most of the other ‘request a quote’ plugins.

It also comes with a dedicated support team as well as detailed documentation to guide you through.

So I would recommend going with Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce especially if you have a small business. However, it’s ideal for large-scale businesses too.

So that’s it from my side.

If you are already using a ‘request a quote’ plugin for WooCommerce, please feel free to add your thoughts below.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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