5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Magento Beginners

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Magento beginner mistakesAlthough, it is easy to download and install Magento on your PC/laptop, Magento development often seems to be a brainstorming task for amateurs. They make blunders and waste a lot of their precious time to deal with their repercussions in the process of the site implementation. It happens when they make unnecessary haste in Magento development and ignore its basics. Such mistakes adversely affect the performance of Magento websites and hamper its sales significantly.

If you are a beginner in Magento development, you need to be cautious and try to avoid some mistakes detailed here below:

1. Making a Poor Choice of Hosting Company

Many beginners are highly passionate about making an eCommerce website and mint lots of money in a short duration of time. Due to this needless hurry, they sometimes choose the cheapest hosting providers, which can put their entire website at stake. A Magento-based web store needs specific server requirements to be met in order to work well and perform smoothly.

poor web hosting

Don’t host your Magento site on shared servers. It will make your website slow and expose it to various online security threats. When you tend to create a proper eCommerce website, you need to have your own IP address and SSL, so that your site may not get affected by other site being blacklisted or compromised. Always use a dedicated server for your site because dedicated servers have better security features, enough bandwidth and your site loads faster on all devices, which means great business flocks towards you.

2. Wrong Installation of Magento Updates

Upgrading your Magento website seems like a painful and tedious process for some Magento experts. You should install all Magento updates in the correct order as to update your Magento store, you need to take care of several facts also such as compatibility of the existing themes and extensions to the new versions, migration of data, etc. If you make mistakes while updating your website for the latest version, it will cause unnecessary downtime and damage your business considerably.

As Magento is a rich community of expert developers, you can contact them instantly whenever you have problems while updating your website. Take active steps to reduce the downtime of your website as a result of updation.

3. Mistakes in File Uploading

Download the required Magento pack, install it on your site and start working– All these sound good and plain. But, most of the amateurs upload their files with the help of FTP, but Magento download is much faster and suitable than that of FTP.

Some other Magento programmers make use of dozens of other system to upload files. Working on the Magento site through FTP kills plenty of your valuable time and there are high chances of uploading a wrong file or you may miss some significant files while uploading.

4. Making Mistakes in Design and Development

Several beginners makes a lot of mistakes in developing design and extensions for Magento. There are some basics you need to learn before it.

  • Learn more about Magento templates as far as possible,
  • Go through the full version of Magento Designers guide, available on the Magento site for download,
  • Now, try to learn the basics as how to make modifications in default Magento files (with an intention to increase the performance of your site). Due to some coding as errors, their site may not perform as they expect. In such cases, newbie must seek help from expert Magento developers.

If you want to develop new themes, just copy the necessary files from /design/frontend/default/default/ into /design/frontend/default/Magento_new_ theme and repeat the same at /skin/frontend/default/default/.

After this, you need to save the modifications and enable the new theme by going to the admin panel- System->Configuration->Design and do as instructed.

The prominent mistake in the modification of eCommerce Magento platform is core files. They contain all the files which are located app/code/core. If you need to change them, do following things before that:

  • Make copies of all files you want to modify and
  • Just backup your site fully to avoid any data loss.

You need to keep all these important points in mind as once you make code modifications inaccurately, it is possible that some functions of your web (such as supporting multiple languages, Upgrades installation, etc,) might stop working.

5. Reckless Selection of Magento Extensions

Several Magento developers choose extensions which are not meant for their use at all. While setting up your Magento store, you need to choose the most suitable Magento extensions, whose functionalities meet your business demands fully and guarantee profit and positive reviews.

Don’t make haste, take your time to study the pros, cons, features of different extensions and test them rigorously for various errors. If you face problems in extension you have chosen, you could report it to the company for repairing and ask for necessary support (In case of premium extensions). If they fail to do so, don’t hesitate to ask for the return of your money and switch to some other similar Magento extensions.


Using Magento can help you create your eCommerce website and enrich your wallets with a steady flow of money. These are some mistakes, all amateurs must avoid in order to ensure the best return on investment.

Author Bio:

Emily is a versatile writer and a CMS developer by profession. She is currently employed at a Magento Web Development Company, HireMagentoGeeks and handling all major projects.



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