How to help Instructors easily create courses on your LearnDash LMS?

    Nitansha Tanwar
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Did you know, the number of courses offered by Udemy increased by 60% in 2020 compared to 2019? And Its 2020 revenue was likely to have been in excess of $400m.(

This data is evidence that offering new courses and training programs is a great way to expand your LearnDash business.

But doing it alone can be an uphill battle. That’s why to launch new courses, it makes sense to take help from external instructors.  Especially for courses that are out of your expertise.

But creating courses on LearnDash can sometimes be a daunting task for instructors, especially if they are not familiar with WordPress. Moreover, it can also put your website at risk.

However, with the right tools and resources, instructors can easily create engaging and interactive courses on your LearnDash LMS.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss how you can support external instructors to make course creation easy and launch new courses quickly.

But first, let’s understand why allowing multiple instructors to create a LearnDash course may not be as easy as it seems.

Why Creating a LearnDash Course can be a challenge for Multiple Instructors

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With the way LearnDash is built right now, admins need to give instructors access to the backend to create courses. And from there, instructors can use the course builder to create courses. 

And navigating through the WP backend dashboard can be a learning curve because:-

  • Instructors need time to get familiar with the interface:-

If instructors are relatively new to LearnDash or WordPress, they will need time to get familiarized with the backend WordPress settings. So it can get overwhelming to quickly get started with creating and selling courses.

  • Too many settings create confusion:-

The dashboard at the backend has many options & settings available. So while trying to build a course, this creates a lot of confusion.

  • The interface is not intuitive enough for instructors to take the next steps:- 

The WordPress DashBoard is not primarily designed for course creation. The UI looks and feels old. Hence, it is not intuitive for the course creator to easily visualize the course structure and create a quality course without any external help.

  • Extra Installed plugins create interference:– 

An increase in the number of settings available due to other installed plugins adds to the confusion.

  • It’s less secure:-

If your Instructors are not tech-savvy or are using your eLearning platform for the first time, then giving them access to the backend WordPress settings can be daunting. 

They might accidentally modify some important settings in the backend. Or worse, they could unknowingly make changes to the courses created by other course authors. Hence, it puts their course and your website at risk.

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

But wouldn’t it be great if your instructors could create effective online courses without all the hassle? It could save you so much time and resources. So to help with that, let’s explore…

5 Ways to help Instructors create a LearnDash Course

1. Provide easy-to-understand and detailed resources

One way to help instructors create courses on LearnDash is to provide clear and detailed documentation. 

This should include step-by-step instructions on how to create and manage courses effectively, as well as information on the various features and options available. 

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2. Offer instructor-friendly course creation tools

In a perfect world, your instructors would know exactly where to go, which settings to use, and how to build course categories without wasting any time.

But the reality is quite different.? 

Subject matter experts usually are not that tech-savvy. It’s less likely that they would know the ins and outs of WordPress or Learndash

Hence, giving them simple-to-use and intuitive tools for course creation helps reduce the anxiety that multiple external course creators might have while using your eLearning platform.

In this case, you can help your instructors with a simple-to-use course builder that helps them create course and course categories like lessons, topics, and quizzes intuitively and without any technical know-how.

3. Give access to only a few settings

Have ever noticed how a guest login works? 

It gives a new user access to only a few applications and settings. Hence, new or non-tech-savvy users can’t tinker with important files or software on your system and can do their work easily.

Similarly, providing instructors with limited access to the backend interface will help them create courses in LearnDash easily and keeps your website secure.

Access to only the important course settings like — course edit, course access, course pricing, and enrolling users, among other things clears the clutter and help instructors hit publish quickly.

It also gives you confidence as you no longer have to worry about instructors modifying your course content or important WordPress settings.

4. Allow course sharing between multiple instructors

Another way to make the course creation process easier for instructors is by allowing course authors to collaborate on a single course. Enabling course sharing between multiple instructors helps reduce the burden of building an entire course on one single instructor.

Additionally, as multiple subject matter experts work on a single course, it ensures that the course content is in-depth and also boosts its credibility.

Hence, by dividing the responsibility to create courses among multiple instructors, it becomes easy for them to launch a course.

5. Simplify adding new course material 

Outdated content can decrease the value of your learning course, especially if it is related to a technical subject like coding, among others. So, it’s essential to continuously improve your LearnDash course.

This can include adding new lessons, topics, multimedia, or quizzes and making the course more effective.  So, it’s important to let instructors use tools and access settings that help them easily edit, update, and add new course material.

This not only helps instructors make edits quickly but also keeps the courses fresh and relevant to the latest technological and industrial advancements.

If you’re wondering how you can make use of the above-mentioned tips, you’re not alone. A lot of people have been in this place.

Well, don’t worry, because we have you covered…

Bring in the Frontend Course Creator in LearnDash

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Frontend course creator in Instructor Role for LearnDash

With a completely feature-packed, access-controlled, and simple-to-use course creation dashboard on the frontend of your Learndash site, your instructors can create courses in just a few clicks.

A dashboard on the front end of your site can help instructors:

  • Build engaging learning content by using video lessons, ebooks, and presentations, and embedding all kinds of media into their courses.
  • Access only limited settings to create, manage and publish the courses all from the front end of your site. Thus, increasing your website security.
  • Share courses between multiple instructors to speed up course creation and management 
  • Follow all the right steps and create a quality course from scratch without any technical know-how
  • Save time and effort by creating, editing, and updating everything from a central place.

So, whether you want to scale up course creation for already existing instructors or allow new and non-WordPress savvy Instructors to create and sell courses on your eLearning site —The Front End Course Creator is for everyone and anyone who wants to create a course.

If you’re not already using it, let your instructors access the Front-End Course Creation Dashboard that comes built-in with our Instructor Role plugin

The Instructor Role plugin has additional functionalities to help you effortlessly manage multiple instructors and students.

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In Closing…

So that’s it for today. 

Hope you found this article helpful. 

Make sure to check out the new Front End Course Creation Dashboard and let us know what you think. 

You can also create a course using the demo and give us feedback, too.

And if you did find this useful, why keep this to yourself?

Share it with your fellow LearnDash Users, too.

Is there anything else you’d like us to cover in our next article? 

Let us know in the comments below ?

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