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student-teacher relationship

Imagine going down memory lane and revisiting the bond you shared with your teachers.

They made learning super easy, fun, and interesting, didn’t they? 🙂

But, today, learning is pretty much online.

And, while a popular LMS like LearnDash provides a great space to create multiple courses, lessons, quizzes, manage students and kickstart your eLearning venture. However, doing everything on your own is an impossible feat.

But, more importantly, the factor that adds significantly to the success of your learners and your business depends a lot on – The Student-Teacher relationship.

And, these thoughts and feedback received from several LearnDashers like you have led us, at WisdmLabs, to build an Instructor Role plugin. This introduces an Instructor/Teacher to the LearnDash LMS.

Excited? 😛 Awesome….. let’s dig in!

Unboxing the WISDM Instructor Role for LearnDash

This add-on provides an Instructor User Role. 

At its core, the plugin allows you to add multiple Instructors or Teachers who can create their own courses (lessons, quizzes, assignments, topics, etc.), teach, grade, and manage their students.

Moreover, this gives you an opportunity to delegate the course and student management responsibilities to your Instructors. 

But, here’s the real takeaway – You end up saving loads of time and energy that you can use to focus on other vital aspects like marketing, growth, etc. of your LearnDash website.


So, in a way, this extension brings you a lot closer to fulfilling your dreams of building and running an online school, college, or even a Udemy-like Course Marketplace.

And, while we’re at it, let me walk you through its peculiar features!

Key Features of the Instructor Role plugin for LearnDash

  1. Create Unlimited Instructors to develop quality courses – You can rope in as many instructors you like to create multiple courses. Each Instructor with their subject expertise will be able to develop and offer quality courses. 
  2. Hassle-free management – Instructors can only manage students enrolled in their courses. And, if the course is huge, you can even assign multiple Instructors to a single course to ensure smooth and systematic management. 
  3. Easy Payments & Tracking of Commissions – Set a fixed percentage commission for paid courses for each Instructor. You can directly send the payments to your Instructors’ PayPal account. In addition, the plugin automatically calculates the commission earned on every course purchase and saves you the efforts. 
  4. Access to student reports to improve class performance – Your Instructors have access to student reports in order to monitor their students’ performance and accordingly design actions to improve the same. 
  5. Alert Instructors with Email Notifications for student activities – Set email notification triggers for different student activities such as course purchase, quiz completion, etc. to keep Instructors notified at all times. 
  6. Direct emails to improve student-teacher communication – Your instructors can talk to students enrolled in their course(s) via email. They can share updates or quick feedback with students about their performance. 
  7. Limited access to Instructors for site security – Instructors have limited capabilities and access to make sure they don’t interfere with your LearnDash settings or view courses by other Instructors. The ultimate power regarding courses and changes lies with you. 
  8. Dedicated Instructor Dashboard for easy management – Your Instructors will get their own intuitive dashboard where all the details about their courses, students enrolled, commissions earned, student reports, etc. will be easily accessible in a click. They won’t bother you with small details anymore. 
  9. Udemy-like Instructor Profile page to build credibility – Your Instructors can create their professional profile page and add details such as their photo, expertise, qualifications, courses created, achievements, and plenty more. These Profile pages will give them an opportunity to showcase their personality and credibility. 
  10. Sell courses to create a Udemy-like website – You can sell individual, multiple, or bundled LearnDash courses created by your Instructors. This extension seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce to help you sell courses easily and quickly.

[su_note]Check out the Live Demo to experience and explore the Instructor Role for LearnDash.[/su_note]

And, with that being said, let me quickly sum up the major benefits the Instructor Role has in store for You and your Instructors.

Benefits of Instructor Role for Site Admins

  • Free up time to focus on important aspects of your business by delegating course creation and student management responsibilities to the Instructors
  • Create and sell more courses by inviting Instructors with expertise in their subjects to create quality courses.
  • Exercise complete control over site data and course content with the options to approve/reject changes.
  • Provide Instructor insights on a dedicated dashboard and make the course data easily accessible to Instructors.
  • Nurture a smooth student-teacher relationship that is essential to ensure success and growth.
  • Save time through automatic calculations of instructor commissions and make payments directly and effortlessly through your website using the option for PayPal payouts.
  • Create a classroom-like environment with Instructor Roles compatibility with Zoom.
  • Add more functions without any hassle, as the Instructor Role integrates smoothly with several popular LearnDash products.
  • Build the eLearning website you want – a school, college, university, or even a course marketplace.

Benefits of Instructor Role for your Instructors/Teachers

  • They get an opportunity to create, teach, manage, and sell their courses without having to build a website or a business of their own.
  • They don’t have to scrounge through the plugin for important data and information as everything is available on their dashboard at a glance.
  • Easily identify problem areas and develop actionable solutions quickly based on student reports to improve students’ performance
  • Solve student queries, talk to them, and notify them quickly through emails.
  • Build their credibility and gain popularity with the Instructor Profile Page.


Thoughts to Ponder Upon!

It doesn’t matter if you’re running or planning to build your online school, Udemy-like course marketplace, or simply sell a few multiple courses on your LearnDash-based website.

At the end of the day, your eLearning business needs Instructors/Teachers to teach and make learning interesting and fun for your students. 

As I said, the student-teacher bond is an integral part of the learning process. And if you succeed in providing the same, you’ll surely find an increase in your course enrollments 🙂

The WISDM Instructor Role Extension for LearnDash created for this purpose serves as a massive stepping stone to help you achieve your eLearning dreams.



  • Will the Instructors be able to create courses?
    Yes. Your Instructors will be able to create, teach, and manage courses and students.
  • How many Instructors can I create/add to my LearnDash LMS?
    You can add an unlimited number of Instructors/Teachers on your LearnDash LMS.
  • Can I build a course marketplace using Instructor Role?
    Yes. You can onboard as many Instructors as you like to develop and offer different courses in order to build a marketplace like Udemy.
  • Can my Instructors communicate with the students?
    Yes. Your Instructors can reach out to students enrolled in their courses via email to provide feedback and updates regarding their performance.
Tarun Rai

Tarun Rai

5 Responses

  1. Hi Tarun – I understand the plugin doesn’t allow one ins
    tructor to modify another instructor’s lessons. Does the instructor still have access to courses, lessons, and topics created by an admin? I am creating a site where most o
    f the component content (lessons and topics) will be uploaded by one or more admin roles, but needs to be assembled into particular groupings by a different role. Thanks!

  2. Yes the Instructor can be granted access to the courses an admin has created.
    Simply go Course Unit > { your selected course} > scroll all the way the bottom and look for “Author”.
    There you can select the author as the instructor instead of the admin who created it. It will reflect on the Instructor’s panel.

  3. I’ve already installed the Instructor plugin in my LearnDash. So what would be the link for the Instructor Login

  4. I installed the plug in, but i can not access the Instructor Dashboard. I have customized it but now I don’t know how to let the instructor access it. When I log in as the instructor it does not take me to the dashboard like it says it does.

  5. Hi Tarun, I setup the plugin, all seems to work fine.
    But I can’t see that co-authors on the front end of the course itself, I only see the main author.
    Meaning, If I have 1 course with 2 instructors I expect to see both of them as instructors in the fron page of the course, but I’m seeing only one.
    Any tips for how to set it up?

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