Instructor Role 3.4.0 – PayPal Payouts Makes Payments Effortless!

    Sharon Koshy
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A great way to expand your course offerings is collaboration.

This could range from getting a couple of Subject Matter Experts onboard to turning your website into a course marketplace.

For e-educators who want to achieve this, WISDM Instructor Role has always been a popular choice.

Simply, because it makes the process effortless.

Over time we’ve built many Features into Instructor Role

Like the Instructor Overview Page – It gives you a complete overview of instructor and course information. So now, at a glance, you can check instructor count, student count, earnings, students’ progress.

Another recent update we rolled out for Instructor Role allows Instructors to take up Group Leader roles. So they can take advantage of all the abilities a group leader enjoys. They can now create and manage their own groups and access them right from the dashboard.  

And with Instructor Role v3.4.0, we’ve greatly simplified payments

Till now Instructors’ commissions could only be tracked.

The actual payments had to be made offline. Which meant sending them out yourself or getting a third-party payment system. On top of that, manually tracking every transaction, logging every payment, and maintaining it all religiously.

It’s a LOT of unnecessary back and forth.

But all that’s about to change!

Introducing Paypal Payouts for Instructors!

With this latest update of Instructor Role, you can now pay instructor commissions without ever leaving your website!

PayPal Payouts is a quick and convenient way to make payments with PayPal.

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Instructor Commission PayPal Payout Transaction

 With the PayPal Payouts integration, you can now pay instructors their commissions from your website itself. The payments are sent directly into the Instructors PayPal account.

This is how it benefits you

  1. View, manage and pay Instructor commissions all from one place
  2. You don’t have to switch between your website and a third-party payment system
  3. No need to manually keep track of every individual transaction 
  4. Save the time required to make every payment separately 

And managing payments becomes as easy as ABC!

Before you start…a few things to keep in mind

To send payouts, you’ll need:

  1. A PayPal business account
  2. Access to PayPal Payouts
  3. A confirmed identity, email, and bank account linked to your PayPal business account
  4. Sufficient funds in your PayPal business account
  5. Every payout carries a transaction fee which you will have to pay in order to make the payouts

What else is new? – Zoom WordPress Plugin Integration

We’ve kept in mind the growing need of integrating live classrooms with your LMS due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Hence, this version of the plugin is also compatible with Zoom WordPress Plugin by eLearning evolve. Now your students can join Zoom meetings right from your website without any hassle.

As the admin, your responsibilities are simplified by a lot.   The Zoom WordPress plugin lets your instructors to create zoom meetings from their dashboard.

Take advantage of all the amazing Zoom features, conveniently right from your website. 

Now stop waiting around, it’s time for an upgrade!

There’s no doubt that using PayPal Payouts with Wisdm Instructor Role is a sure-shot way of simplifying your payments.

And all the accompanying features are just the cherry on top! And a must-have for your LearnDash website.

So head on over there and upgrade to Instructor Role v3.4.0 right now!

Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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