Forgot WordPress Password – Reset MD5 hash with phpMyAdmin

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As I wrote in my previous post, I often forget passwords to WordPress sites which I administrate. And I always use this quick little method to reset the WordPress password.


Access phpMyAdmin

This method requires you to have an access to phpMyAdmin. If you are running WordPress on localhost using WAMP then it’s easy peasy for you. Just left click on WAMP tray icon and select phpMyAdmin from the list.

Access phpMyAdmin

If you are running WordPress on linux server, just log into the cPanel and find phpMyAdmin under databases section!

phpMyAdmin Database

Select the Database

Select the database which contains the password which you want to reset. In this case, I select the database named ad.

Select Database in phpMyAdmin

After selecting the database, click on wp_users from the right panel – as shown below!

Select WPUsers Table

Open wp_users

Once you select wp_users, you can see the total number of users who have registered on your WordPress site.

Edit User to Change Password

Just click on Edit button for the user whose password you want to reset. This will bring up some sort of a form page.


Reset Password with MD5 Hash

On this page, enter a new password in the password field and select MD5 from the function dropdown. MD5 is basically message digest algorithm which will save your password in a cryptographic hash value.

Edit Password WordPress User

After entering a new password and selecting the MD5 function, click on Go button at the bottom of the page. This should reset your WordPress password.


Omkar Bhagat

Omkar Bhagat

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