FCC Update v2.1 – Compatibility with Learndash 2.4.x and more

    Shehnaz Jabbar
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We, at WisdmLabs, are constantly working on our plugins, adding new features, patching vulnerabilities to make them even better for you.

And, we know it has been a few months since we rolled out an update for Front-End Course Creation – one of our LearnDash extensions. Well, that’s because our development team had been working behind the scenes thrashing every bug, listening to suggestions and trying to come up with exciting new features for you.

So this week, through this post, we want to announce an update to Front-end Course Creation plugin. Though this one took a while to get it out the door, it should be worth the wait. We’ve added some new functionality and fixed a couple of issues we learned about since the previous version, v2.0 came out.

But, before we get into the specifics of the update let’s take a look at what the plugin is all about. (If you’re already acquainted with the plugin then feel free to jump to the details of the update right away! 🙂  )

Front End Course Creation Plugin

Front End Course Creation lets you do exactly what it’s named after- allows courses to be created from the frontend.

Front-end Course Creation adds a ‘Course Author’ user role with a special set of privileges. A Course Author creates and manages Courses, Lessons, Topics and Quizzes just like an Instructor, but only from the front-end. He/she does not have backend access.

The FCC plugin automatically creates and adds Content Creation pages, such as ‘Create Course’, ‘Create Lesson’ or ‘Create Topic’, using which the Course Author can create his own content. More power to Course Authors!

What’s new in this version?

We can summarize the entire list of updates into these 3 points:

  1. Fully compatible with LearnDash 2.4.x
  2. Improved Navigation
  3. Minor bug fixes

Now let’s dive in and explore these features.

#1 Fully Compatible with LearnDash v2.4.x

When we were notified about the release of LearnDash 2.4.x, we saw a sudden influx of caffeine intake among our developers who were already cranking their keyboards and working on making our LearnDash extensions compatible with its latest version.

So the most notable feature in the v2.1 of FCC is its compatibility with Learndash’s latest version 2.4.x and it piggybacks on a few new features it has introduced (you can check them out here)

#2 Improved Navigation

One of the biggest detriments to training is a disrupted learner experience and we do recognize that finding the right assets quickly makes a huge difference.

We have users who have hundreds of units across multiple courses and in the past, locating or viewing units associated with a certain course or even lessons were not easy.

So here it is – based on our users’ suggestions and after a lot of jimmy-wriggling, we have introduced a new section“Associated Contents” in each course, lesson and topic. Now with just a click, you get an overview of the entire content associated with a course, lesson and topic. Can it get any easier?? (if yes let us know)

FCC Associated Content

In the previous versions, there is a separate “Questions” tab on your dashboard. With this update, we have removed the “Questions” tab from the dashboard and instead, you can view, add or edit questions directly to the question pool from the “Quiz edit” page itself.

#3 Patched a few minor bugs

FCC 2.1.0 update patched some minor bugs in the plugin along with a few other warnings and error messages that some users faced.

Note: The above are just a few of the new featured. If you want to look at the complete list of changes made in this version, check out our changelog.

That’s All for Now!

It is our constant effort to keep improving the plugin and we have a clear path of what’s going to be our next steps, but ultimately you are the end-user, so we are taking suggestions from you.

If you’re using the plugin and would like to see a feature feel free to let us know. That definitely does not mean you can’t give us your ideas if you’re not using the plugin.

Help us get started with the next version of FCC by giving us your inputs – you can either send us an email or simply use the comments section below. And hey, don’t forget to spread the news about this update on your Social Networks.

Just so you know, we won’t be stopping here. There are some amazing new features and improvements that’ll be coming to the plugin soon. So stay tuned!

We will surely keep you posted about those, but until then, go ahead and update your plugin to receive the newest things we’ve got to offer.

Until the next time Adios!


Shehnaz Jabbar

Shehnaz Jabbar

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