6 Reasons Elumine is the Best LearnDash Theme for RTL Languages

    Harsh Shah
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Most editors, page builders, WordPress plugins, and themes are built to support English or left-to-right languages. But did you know that nearly 300 million people speak RTL (right-to-left) languages?

That’s a huge number of people who don’t have a lot of options when it comes to building their WordPress website. For example, when it comes to LearnDash, less than a handful of themes offer RTL support.

Out of the best LearnDash themes, there’s one theme that stands out and is better suited than the rest for RTL languages.

And that theme is eLumine.

Here’s a list of reasons why eLumine is better than the rest. Take a look.

#1 Limited number of RTL Themes for LearnDash

LearnDash is compatible with almost all WordPress themes. But, out of these, LearnDash is better suited with themes specifically built for the LMS plugin. LearnDash themes are a much smaller set than WordPress themes. And, out of the LearnDash-specific themes, the themes that support RTL are even fewer in number.

For example, for around 11,000 WordPress themes, there are less than 50 LearnDash themes. That’s about 0.45%, and that makes LearnDash RTL language themes around 0.05%.

eLumine meets the needs of RTL language-speakers with support for languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, Persian, and more.

#2 Comprehensive support for RTL Languages

Most LearnDash themes which claim to be RTL compatible offer partial support. It’s a problem we observed with most LearnDash themes and one of our customers often asked about too. LearnDash themes which are translation-ready display RTL course content, but there are issues with translating the navigation menu, footer, buttons or links.

customer review

RTL translation issue on LearnDash Compatible theme.

With eLumine we’ve made sure we offer total RTL support with easy options to translate every piece of content. You can seamlessly translate the theme files or use a multi-lingual plugin for translation.

#3 Simple to understand User Guide

Documentation is a problem non-native English speakers struggle with. Even though the theme might entirely support translation, there might be issues with understanding different theme options because the user manual might be complicated.

Keeping all of these problems in mind, we’ve kept the eLumine documentation very simple to understand. The reading level of the user manual is low. There’s an image added alongside every instruction to make it easy to follow.

You can easily understand theme options and make the best use of them to set up your ideal LearnDash website.

#4 Quick and timely support for DIY users


For some users in the Middle East, communicating a support query, having support available and active at your desired time can be an issue.

But with eLumine, we guarantee quick support for frequent issues faced by do-it-yourself (DIY) users and RTL language speakers. Owing to the short time difference, eLumine can provide prompt support for urgent requests too.

#5 Compatibility with Leading Page Builders

popular page builders

eLumine offers compatibility with a majority of LearnDash extensions, and popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and bbPress. But more importantly, eLumine is compatible with leading page builders.

You have the option to use the page builder of your choice, the one that you’re comfortable with to help you build pages according to your needs.


#6 Proven by RTL Language Clients

When we initially launched eLumine, we made sure it was translation ready. But there were several issues RTL language speakers were facing with respect to translation.

We carefully noted down these issues and made sure we addressed all of them. And now, we’re happy that eLumine has been proven to be a comprehensive RTL compatible Learnash theme by various Arabic and Hebrew language speakers.

Our thoughts

eLumine with rtl support

In a world that’s dominated by English speakers, we’ve made sure to do our bit to create a more inclusive environment. We’ve taken the steps to make sure eLumine meets the needs of not just the major part of the world but also other leading language speakers including RTL users. In addition, eLumine’s Neo layouts pack better looks, enhanced UX, and improved customization to make your site look better than ever!

We encourage you to try out eLumine, to get a sense of what this theme can do for your LearnDash website and users.

If you have any questions or doubts, the comment section is open for discussion

Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah

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