Customer Specific Pricing Update: Percentages Matter!

    Vinita Lobo
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Plugin-Update-FeatureGreetings from WisdmLabs!

It’s been but a few weeks since we brought you the Pricing Manager update for the Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce extension.

And today, we’re back with another awesome update to better your experience, and to make you love us even more! 😀


Percentage Discounts for Customers/User Roles/Groups

Now, with version 3.1.0 of the plugin, you can set custom percentage discounts for customers, user roles and groups, along with flat rates.

That’s right!

Simply set a percentage discount you want to offer your customers and the Customer Specific Pricing plugin will calculate the concession amount, reduce it from the base price and show the discounted price to the customer.

The plugin works as usual for your shoppers; what’s changed is the option that’s been added in the backend for you to set discount rates with a percentage reduction.


Here’s Why the Update is Great

With this update, you can now totally avoid the hassle of first calculating the percentage amount and then subtracting it from the base price manually to get the discounted pricing.

Let the Customer Specific Pricing plugin do the work for you!

  • Update base prices of products without having to worry about resetting custom prices (discounts will handle this for you)
  • Set up offers for entire user roles/groups with a few clicks
  • Set percentage discounts for both simple and variable products and have only the discounted rate displayed directly to the customer
  • Import products along with percentage discounts using the bulk import feature


How to Use the Percentage Discount Feature

To refresh your memory, let’s go through the steps to set customer specific prices once again, but this time around with our new percentage discount functionality 🙂

For individual products:


  1. Go to the Customer Specific Pricing tab in Product Data settings as shown above.
  2. Under ‘Customer Based Pricing‘, Select a ‘Customer Name’ from the drop-down list and pick a customer.
  3. Select ‘%’ in the ‘Discount Type’ drop-down list and set the ‘Value’ of the percentage discount you wish to apply to the product.
  4. Remember to ‘Publish/Update’ the product, to save the changes made.

Similarly, set discounts for user roles and groups using the ‘Role Based Pricing’ or ‘Group Based Pricing’ settings.


Using the Pricing Manager:


  1. Go to the ‘Set Rule’ section in Pricing Manager tab.
  2. Select a ‘Customer Name’ from the drop-down list and pick a customer.
  3. Add the product from the list for which you want to set specific price (you can add the entire list).
  4. Hit the ‘Set Prices’ button, to create a pricing rule.
  5. Select ‘% sign’ in the ‘Flat or Discounts’ drop-down list and set the ‘Value’ of the percentage discount you wish to apply to the product.
  6. Add a ‘Rule Title‘ and click on ‘Save Rule

Now, to set percentage discount for premium customer roles or groups, select ‘Role Based Pricing’ or ‘Group Based Pricing’ as an option and follow the same steps as above.


Using the Bulk Import function:

  1. In the import file, there is an extra field that’s been added.
  2. To add a percentage discount, set the ‘%’ column field value as 1 and add the associated percentage discount value.
  3. Upload the file as usual and the pricing rule with the percentage discount should be set!

Remember there are no changes in the priority order and the plugin still follows the Individual, User Role, Group and Regular Price order while deciding the pricing for customers.


This update is another milestone in our development plan (we are blazing through!). All you gotta do is head over to the admin panel and click on the Customer Specific Pricing plugin update link.

Happy with our new update?? Got any comments?? Improvements you’d like us to make? Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments section below.

Vinita Lobo

Vinita Lobo

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