Customer Specific Pricing V4.1.0: A Brand New Pricing Strategy

    Pranoti Panchwagh
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Your favorite pricing plugin for WooCommerce, Customer Specific Pricing, is here with an additional pricing strategy – category specific pricing!

What’s New?

In addition to setting prices by customer, user role, and group per product, you can now do the same by category. A separate ‘Category Specific Pricing’ tab is added to the CSP display, which can be used to set product prices by category.

User Based Category Pricing:

You can set up discounts for users for a specific product category, offering a flat or percentage discount for a minimum quantity of products.



Role Based Category Pricing:

Distinct prices can be set up for every category, as per the user role selected.



Group Based Category Pricing:

Individual Groups can be assigned discounts, for every product category.

What’s Different?

Pricing Manager is now Product Pricing

The Pricing Manager for CSP has been revamped as Product Pricing, and now has its own, separate tab in the display. All the functionalities remain the same, like before, you can set up all pricing rules from here and view your Rule Log as well!



‘Search By’ gets a new address

The ‘Search By’ feature, which lets you search for all product prices by Customer, Role, and Group now has its own independent tab. Here you can view all active prices and discounts offered for the selected user/group for all relevant products.

Pro Tip:

It is important to note that all category-specific pricing rules are applied after the individual product pricing rules have been satisfied.

For instance, consider the case of a regular customer ‘John Doe’. As the store owner, I have set up the following pricing rules for John:

  • 5% Discount on all products in the ‘Clothing’ category
  • A flat price of $100 for all Customers on a minimum purchase of 5 t-shirts
  • 10% Discount on a ‘Happy Ninja’ t-shirt

Now, the priority of discounts offered to John will be:

  1. Customer specific product pricing i.e. 10% discount on the Happy Ninja t-shirt
  2. User-based category specific pricing i.e. a 5% discount on all products in the ‘Clothing’ category
  3. Role-based category specific pricing i.e. a flat price of $100 for all Customers on a minimum purchase of 5 t-shirts

Still a bit confused? You can refer to the installation and user guide for the complete list of pricing priorities.

That covers the update for now!

What are you waiting for? Get the Customer Specific Pricing update today!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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