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It’s the New Year – time for celebrations, reflections and resolutions!! 😀

2016 was an exciting year for us.

Heading into the new year meant completion of another prolific year for WisdmLabs; we had grown in numbers, expertise and were able to add significant extensions to our products and services portfolio.

We began the new year in full swing. The first working day of 2016 was going to be our very first day at a new office. I still remember the office nicely decorated, and people in all smiles. This was surely going to be a special year.


4 Years Gone By

Come February 2016, it was time to celebrate our 4th anniversary! 4 years seemed pretty surreal, but looking at people around, I noticed so much had changed – and for the better. Over the years we had evolved from a 2 to 75 member team, and had developed our expertise in the open source development domain.


We invited the near and dear ones of all our colleagues to celebrate this special occasion. It was a day to connect, reminisce, and discuss about the journey that lay ahead.

Products, Partnerships, Portfolio

Products have always been a primary focus for us here at WisdmLabs. With over 20 free and premium plugins out in the market, we were now in the works to extend our list of offerings.

On the WordPress front, we were accredited as WordPress Core Contributors. We also introduced 5 new plugins in the e-learning and e-commerce space. We launched our first WordPress theme for LearnDash – Pathshala.

[su_note note_color=”#fff5cf”]Our top selling plugins of 2016 were:

We were also happy to welcome new partnerships with leading WordPress e-learning plugin owners.

2016 saw us delve deep into Magento programming and we built our first Magento plugin – Wishlist Notification for Magento 2.0.

Remodelling Moodle

Out of our products on Edwiser, one that needs a special mention, has to be Edwiser RemUI.


We launched our now flagship Moodle product – Edwiser RemUI: the Moodle UX Theme – in late July. The theme was commended by the Moodle community and helped us gain a strong foothold in the Moodle space.

The Journey Ahead

At WisdmLabs, we always believe in the spirit of experimentation. We take risks. This spirit’s not going to change. 🙂 We’ll continuing investing our efforts into new ventures, and continue to innovate.

So, here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!! There’s a lot you’ll be hearing from us. Stay tuned! \m/



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