NEW LMS THEME: Pathshala (Designed for LearnDash)

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See that image there? That is the first ever WordPress theme designed by WisdmLabs. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

But there’s a story to this exciting development.

e-Learning on WordPress has always been one of WisdmLabs’ strongest fortes.

We handle a large number of customer queries (on a daily basis) that have us helping people with everything from setting up an LMS on their website to integrating it with various sub-systems and even developing additional plugins that extend functionality.

Many of these queries, and I mean many, have a solution that involves tweaking the existing theme so as to fit in the LMS perfectly within the website’s ecosystem. A great instance would be when, say, you need to change the template of your courses or lessons. This happens to be the case often; most online learning portals have their own personalized instructional designs for delivering courses.

But what if the theme on your website is such that it’s built ground up to maximizes the usability of an LMS on WordPress? A theme that’s built solely for the purpose of e-learning?

Pathshala is our answer to two of the most common problems of LMS management on WordPress:

  1. Not every functionality that you need to add would have you shelling out thousands of dollars just because your existing theme isn’t compatible.
  2. It makes more room for you to add even more functionality to your LMS, tens and maybe hundreds of them without your website acting like YouTube streaming on a 256Kbps connection.

Pathshala is currently optimized for LearnDash, but hey if you’d like a similar theme for your website you can just tell us!

In case you’re curious, Pathshala aptly translates to ‘school’ in Hindi.

Paathshala works with LearnDash like fire and crackers. Setting up courses, lessons, quizzes and other content for your website will be easy and can be completed within a matter of minutes. It’s all waiting in their for you.

image01 (1)

And of course, all of the extensions for LearnDash gel in just as well.

Introduced in Pathshala is Course Categories, a new feature for LearnDash users, which conveniently sorts all your courses into categories to improve on the accessibility.  


Pathshala is designed around the two best frameworks in the industry: Unyson and Bootstrap, two very good signs of excellent UI/UX. The list of all supported features is extensive, but here’s a quick sneak peek:

  • Built-in SEO Settings
  • One Click Backup/Restore
  • Dynamic Sidebars  
  • User Feedback
  • Responsive
  • M-learning Ready
  • Font Awesome Icons

It integrates flawlessly with BuddyPress and bbPress, so there’s that solution to all your elearner social media and gamification needs. Should you choose monetize things, WooCommerce is exceptionally compatible too!

Oh and for those who take up the layout as an art, Pathshala also provides for Visual Page Builder to tweak and fine-tune the look and the feel as you see fit.

Head to the theme page for more details, queries and the pricing. Better yet, take Pathshala for a test drive! Time to go to school folks!



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