10 Awesome WordPress Bloggers Every Newbie MUST Follow

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WordPress is a great platform for content creation and management, once you get used to it. Initially though, the wealth of plugins, themes, add-ons plus their documentation can be overwhelming.

If you are a newbie blogger similarly floundering in WordPressian waters, worry not. There are some really excellent bloggers on WordPress that will help you get to your feet in no time!

We’ve selected a list of 10 seasoned bloggers (not in any particular order), who each in their own way contribute to adding new and reliable information for WordPress users over the globe.


Chris Lema

Blog –

chris-lemaIn the world of WordPress bloggers, Chris Lema is like the Godfather. Writing about practically everything WordPress under the sun, Lema makes even difficult topics straightforward and easy to understand. He has advised companies like WooThemes, Reaktiv Studios, WP101 and more and also assists entrepreneurs in strategically leveraging WordPress.

In addition to his blog, Chris Lema has written several e-books and included video tutorials that provide solutions to user queries. A unique feature of his blog is that you can either place a paid call to get some quick advice about your business or schedule a full-fledged consultation for developing your business.


Bob Dunn

bobwp-bob-dunnBlog – BobWP

Bob Dunn’s BobWP is a wonderful example of a categorized and systematic WordPress resource. The blog covers articles over a wide spectrum including ecommerce, plugin reviews, widgets, themes and even digital content writing and marketing.

Also, Bob hosts a podcast every week for WooCommerce users with tips on increasing and maintaining Woo Stores.


Tom McFarlin

Blog – Tom McFarlin

tom-mcfarlinOffering a perspective on professional WordPress development, Tom McFarlin’s blog is a slightly tougher nut to crack. Not that the blog posts are difficult, just that they are written for users who are familiar with the basic workings of WordPress. The articles are divided into specific categories like Projects, Resources, Articles, Tips, Software, etc. which make finding whatever you need super easy.

A goldmine for developers it is definitely worth a read, once you have brushed up your basics!


Pippin Williamson

pippin-williamsonBlog – Pippins Plugins

Featuring 142 free tutorials, 54 premium tutorials and over 76 blog posts, Pippin’s Plugins is a veritable font of information when it comes to WordPress. Pippin Williamson is the developer of plugins like AffiliateWP, Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro, so the guy is well versed in all the stages of plugin development and his articles reflect that.

Informative, yet easy-to-parse, Pippin’s Plugins is a great resource for WordPress newbies.

Andrew Norcross

Blog – Blog All Things (from Norcross)

andrew-norcrossStrictly speaking, Andrew Norcross’ blog has fewer resources than his contemporaries, but is a great example of a well-written blog nonetheless. He is the creator of Reacktiv Studios, a company providing express WordPress solutions and has developed the very popular WordPress FAQ Manager and the Genesis Design Palette Pro, in addition to fifteen other plugins.

With subjects ranging from life hacks to plugin reviews to articles on coding, Andrew Norcross’ blog makes for a very interesting read.


Jean Galea

Blog – WP Mayor

jean-galeaAnybody who knows WordPress is acquainted with WP Mayor and anybody who knows WP Mayor knows Jean Galea. The creators of one of the most up-to-date and informative blog sites about WordPress, Mr. and Mrs. Galea both write extensive articles for beginners and pros alike.

A unique feature of the blog is that they offer exclusive coupons to subscribers and WP Mayor readers, for other plugin, theme or web-hosting purchases. Also, if you venture into the plugin development sector eventually, WP Mayor also helps you analyze your product and publish it on the blog. You can also checkout Jean Galea’s podcast and other resources on his homepage.

Daniel Espinoza

Blog – Daniel Espinoza

daniel-espinozaWriting about WordPress and life outside of WordPress, Daniel Espinoza juggles both spheres successfully. Be it book reviews or movies or codes, there is something for every reader here. Espinoza has been programming since 80’s so he has practically seen it all.

Besides, he also helped develop WooCommerce, the popular eCommerce plugin powering over a quarter of the businesses worldwide today. A WordPress and Magento wizard, his blog is an equally great resource for checking out that theme review or an inspiring life-story!


Lorelle VanFossen

lorelle-on-wordpressBlog – Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle VanFossen’s Lorelle on WordPress is a blog about blog writing, and of course WordPress. She has written over 12 series exclusively for writing better blogs, with blog exercises, blogging tools and other add-ons required to create an engaging and reader-friendly blog.

Apart from her blogging expertise, she also has a solid background in everything WordPress, as evinced by her WordPress School series.


Brad Williams

Blog – Brad Williams Blog

brad-williamsThe co-founder and CEO of WebDevStudios, Brad Williams has been working with website development for over twenty years and co-hosts the WordPress podcast DradCast. An all-round expert, his blog is a regular and WordPress user’s delight. Witty, informative, with a humorous twist, the articles are a great starting point for any WordPress beginner.

Williams has also co-authored two books about WordPress, Professional WordPress and Professional WordPress Plugin Development.


Kevin Muldoon

Blog – Kevin Muldoon

kevin-muldoonKevin Muldoon writes weekly about technology, blogging, social media and WordPress and his reviews are always unbiased and insightful. If you are thinking of purchasing a new theme or plugin but are in two minds about it, this is the place to go to for an honest review to bolster your decision.

Apart from work, Muldoon is also a martial arts fan and an avid traveler, so you can check those out here too.



Apart from these, there are many other bloggers and writers who are equally knowledgeable about WordPress. These people are however, known throughout the world for their expertise and sought out for lectures at WordCamps, opinions and advice frequently, for the same.

Though not a blogger, a complete website that deserves a mention here is WPBeginner. Created by Syed Balkhi, it is a complete repository of articles, video tutorials and discussion forums that actively help WordPress newbies.

What other authors would you recommend for WordPress newbies? Let us know in the comments section below!

Pranoti Panchwagh

Pranoti Panchwagh

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