WisdmLabs is Now a Trusted Consultant for Easy Digital Downloads

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Easy-Digital-DownloadsWisdmLabs is growing, not just in size but in Experience as well. After getting added to the list of WooExperts and having ourselves certified as Event Espresso Pros we have one more feather in our cap and we’re PROUD of it!

We have now made our way to the list of ‘Trusted Consultants for Easy Digital Downloads’.


What Does it Mean to be a Consultant for EDD?

If you think that us becoming a Trusted Consultant for Easy Digital Downloads means that we have just started work with EDD then hold your horses, because that’s NOT  what it means.

What it essentially means is that now the makers of Easy Digital Downloads trust that we can meet your customization needs for their plugins.

We’re excited about this latest headway!

As for us developing a website with EDD, you can be assured you are in safe hands! Before you know it, our bunch of talented developers would have woven through the code and will have a finished product ready for you 🙂

Here’s a SNEAK PEAK of our work with EDD

To start with, we have been using EDD on the WisdmLabs website for over a year now since we forayed  into WordPress products and we have been satisfied with the plugin.

However, our requirements from the plugin keep escalating. With every requirement, there’s that need to tweak the plugin and just as our developers hear customization they’re all set with their coding gear prepared to make a crack at it!

Apart from that we have completed customization projects for clients too. For one particular client, we developed a website that was built around the idea of selling videos and presentations online.  Here we also developed a bespoke functionality that involved users making requests for and purchasing custom videos. That’s how much I’m going to tell you about this project right now. If you’re interested in a detailed review watch out this space as we’ll be writing about it very soon in more detail.


It wouldn’t have been possible to feature on the list of trusted consultants for easy digital downloads without the constant efforts of our hardworking team.

Last but not the least a big thank you to Pippin Williamson. You’ve put your trust in us and we’ll make sure our service to your customers and our clients will be nothing short of best!




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