How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students

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How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students
How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students 1

Ever since the pandemic hit, the traditional methods of teaching have taken a backseat. So to provide quality education and help learners achieve their e-learning goals, educators around the world now rely on e-learning platforms that equip them with the right tools to drive e-learning success. Infact, 43% of educational institutions have started venturing into e-learning modules or at least incorporated e-learning as a part of their curriculum for efficient learning. (Admissionsly)

And the E-Learning Market was worth over 315 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to grow at a 20% CAGR from 2022 to 2028.(

Even though the future of e-learning looks promising, this abrupt transition to online learning has raised some issues. Teaching in an online scenario feels static with little flexibility. Additionally it:

  • Relies on digital access and know-how,
  • May Create a Sense of Isolation,
  • Requires Additional Training for Instructors, among other things.

But even in the midst of chaos, educators around the world have taken this up as a challenge. They’re constantly on the lookout to make online education easier for both course creators and learners. And if you’re one of them, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss ways to support LearnDash instructors and students for effective remote education.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in,

5 ways to support LearnDash instructors and students to improve learning outcomes

#1 Give them the right tools to create and manage their own online courses to support LearnDash instructors

Support LearnDash instructors

Creating killer learning content is the foundation for the success of your online learning platform or education business. 

For an online school, training platform, or course marketplace, you as an administrator won’t have the time to manage everything and also create courses to meet the growing needs of your students.

So it becomes essential to let LearnDash instructors have access to robust tools that help them create quality courses, quizzes, assignments, certificates, and other resources that add value to students.

Instructors get a chance to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom, and bonus, you can focus on more important action items.

Try Instructor Role now!

Note: Aside from creating courses, managing course content and updating it regularly is also an equally important yet tedious task. If you don’t give your instructors access to the right tools, the courses can become outdated and irrelevant, which will impact student learning and experience.

#2 Facilitate collaboration among teachers

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How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students 2

The advantage of getting teachers to collaborate on course creation and management is that they can develop adaptive courses that feature self-marking assessments and self-directed, interactive online coursework, which can automatically differentiate depending on learning levels and previous results.

Assigning more than one instructor to a course also helps in bringing different teaching styles together. Additionally, course instructors can help you with updating the course material as they bring in their own expertise. Therefore, improving the overall learning experience.

Moreover, If your instructors are present in different time zones, you can offer students a more flexible support experience.

Quick Tip: Co-instructors are an excellent way to set up your LearnDash website, similar to Udemy, to allow instructors to give proper credit to other course contributors.

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#3 Let teachers earn their fair share by selling courses and resources to support LearnDash instructors

Support LearnDash instructors
How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students 3

Besides giving access to tools for easy course creation and management, it’s also important to give your instructors the ability to price and sell their own courses. Not only this but you as an admin can take a percentage cut with every course sale thus made. Hence, it’s a win-win situation for both you and external instructors who create and conduct courses on your eLearning platform.

This workflow is especially helpful in a course marketplace-type setting. Course authors or instructors can create new or additional resources like ‘value add courses’ and easily promote, share, and sell them.

This will not only ensure that your instructor gets paid fairly for all their hard work but also motivate them to keep coming up with ideas to increase your bottom line which will eventually help scale your business.

Pro Tip:  You can assign commission percentages to each instructor, which will be deducted automatically whenever a sale occurs.

#4 Allow smooth communication between students and teachers to support LearnDash instructors and students

How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students 4

Lastly, when we’re talking about supporting instructors and students to improve learning outcomes. It makes sense to ensure a smooth communication channel for them. Therefore, introducing a dedicated student-teacher communication module that enables all the interactions between them to happen on the LMS itself is a great idea.

This will help achieve a few things:

  • Learners can raise questions at any time within a course, and instructors will see where the questions were raised.
  • Instructors can respond to learners’ doubts at that point in the course. No switching between Inboxes, no additional effort required to remember where the question was raised.
  • Every time the learner revisits the step (lesson or topic) all the conversations pertaining to that step with the Instructor will appear there.

As a result, you reduce the time it takes for learners to ask questions, allowing them to learn better, faster, and more efficiently.

Pro Tip: Backtracking student communications is a hassle when you’re handling a large number of students on your LMS. So, it’s better to give them a built-in interface within your LearnDash platform.

#5 Let instructors track progress to support learners to support LearnDash instructors and students

Support LearnDash instructors
How to set up an online learning platform to support LearnDash instructors and students 5

Finally, it is critical to provide detailed analyses and reports to instructors regarding their own courses. It helps them:

  • Measure student outcomes with metrics on engagement, quiz attempts, and results.
  • Determine course content’s strengths and weaknesses early on to differentiate it and support positive outcomes.
  • Make changes to the courses to improve quality with the help of detailed reports that enable teachers to make changs to their courses.
  • Improve their own efficiency by reflecting quality of their course which eventually motivates them to work towards increasing signups and hence their commissions.
Instructor Role Frontend Dashboard

Teachers, for example, can check the number of students who have passed/failed their course, the time taken to complete a lesson, the overall performance of the class, the number of questions answered correctly, and so on.

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Integrate LearnDash with the right tools to facilitate better learning

Setting a comprehensive online learning platform to empower teachers and educators creates an enriching learning experience. In addition, it streamlines the entire learning process to make it more accessible and valuable. 

And the way LearnDash is built it can easily integrate with the right tools that help you facilitate better learning outcomes.

Frontend course creator

One such tool, the Instructor Role Addon for LearnDash, allows you to easily add multiple instructors on your LearnDash site and enable them to create enriching content, manage their courses, track the progress made, and support their learners in their eLearning journey.

What’s more is that it doesn’t compromise your website’s security as it gives external instructors access to a secure instructor dashboard to create, manage, and conduct courses. You can see it in action here.

So, establish a learning platform where educators can collaborate to create online courses and quizzes which can be distributed to entire class groups. Allow your students to get their doubts resolved and let teachers get their fair share of hard-earned money. 

Got any more ideas to empower your instructors and learners on your LearnDash site? 

Feel free to share below.

Nitansha Tanwar

Nitansha Tanwar

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