How to Sell Assortments on your WooCommerce store?

    Love Shah
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Customer expectations are ever-expanding! 

The more you offer, the more they expect from your brand. When you come up with a great product, they expect its variants.

 When you create an assortment, they expect more variety. And if there is variety, then your customers expect customization and subscription options for a superior experience.

Now, if you want to stay one step ahead of this ongoing demand for more value by customers, then one of the best ways to do so is by allowing them to mix and match products of their choice. 

When customers can create custom assortments or mix and match products in your WooCommerce store, they feel empowered. 

Their buying experience is elevated exponentially and they form a strong positive image of your brand.

But, if you are wondering whether selling custom product assortments from your WooCommerce store is really the best strategy for you, look no further.

Benefits of Selling Product Assortments

Typically, when you design your WooCommerce store, you try to present your offerings in a catalog-like list, from which customers can choose the best options for purchase. 

You may even make cross-sell suggestions or offer ready-made product bundles to your customers. 

However, your customers may not always like the product bundles created by you and may seek flexibility and customizability in their buying decision. This is where selling mix and match product assortments can benefit both your customers and your brand.

  1. Generate New Leads For Your WooCommerce Store: While everyone else in the market is busy providing pre-defined product bundles to their customers, when you can offer choice and customization, you can immediately steal the show.

    You can delight your customers by enabling the mix and match feature on your WooCommerce store, allowing them to create bundles of their choice. 

    You can even promote this feature as a competitive advantage in your emails and ad-campaigns.But as your existing customers start gaining value from this option, they can generate tonnes of referrals and new leads for you through positive word of mouth.

  2. Increase The AOV For Each Transaction: Average Order Value (AOV) is essentially the total revenue generated from total checkouts in a given period of time.

    The higher this value, the more profitable every single transaction is for your business. Therefore, anything with the potential of increasing your AOV must be taken seriously. And, that is exactly what offering product assortments can do for your WooCommerce store. You can motivate customers to buy more in a single order by making the product bundle options more lucrative than a single product purchase. With custom product assortments you can push limited period offers and bulk purchase benefits to your customers, always driving up your AOV.
  3. Help Customers Save More: Although when your customers are buying an assortment of products instead of a single product from your store, they end up spending more. But if you can combine benefits such as bulk purchase discounts or free shipping for higher-order value, then your customers can actually end up saving more with each transaction.In the long term, your customers can perceive these savings as an added motivator to keep doing business with you.
  4. Increase Recurring Revenue Potential: With custom product assortments offered through your WooCommerce store, you can easily allow your customers to avail subscription options. Customers can mix and match the products of their choice, to create product bundles which they would like to subscribe to. Product subscriptions are a highly profitable business model, as you can identify and retain loyal customers through it. Furthermore, through subscriptions, you can also generate recurring monthly and annual sales.
  5. Cross-sell And Up-sell Naturally:  As a seller, you would always want to push complementary and premium offerings to your existing customers. After all, it’s the most logical way to increase your profitability. But not all customers may be open to cross-sell and up-sell suggestions. In fact, some may even get annoyed with them! With custom product assortments or mix and match options, you can actually make cross-sell and up-sell pitches to your customers without diminishing their buying experience. When your customers can create their own product bundles, they can buy premium product versions that they prefer if it only has a nominal impact on their cart value. Furthermore, with bulk purchase discounts, they can also be driven to accept cross-sell suggestions to create a custom assortment.
  6. Improve Customer’s Lifetime Value (CLV): When your customers are buying more in every single transaction, buying frequently or subscribing, and creating positive word of mouth, your brand’s CLV can shoot through the roof. The mix and match option can help your customers better understand your price and positively perceive your overall value proposition. Not only does this motivate them to stay with you and bring their business back, but it also turns them into passionate brand advocates.

With these many benefits of selling custom product assortments, it becomes a no-brainer to incorporate this functionality in your WooCommerce store. 

But, if you have not originally designed your store with this objective, can you still sell product assortments?

Of course, you can! And the simplest way to do so is by using product assortment plugins.

How To Sell Assortments Using Plugins

As a WooCommerce store owner, you may already be using a host of plugins to make your store run in an efficient manner. 

So when you are ready to offer custom product assortments on your WooCommerce store, finding the right plugin and installing it is the fastest route to success.

However, which is the best plugin for selling assortments on your WooCommerce store and how should you evaluate your options? 

Features, integration, customer support, and pricing are critical aspects that can help you choose the right plugin.

Although, there is a wide variety of product assortment plugins available in the market, here are our favorite 3 WooCommerce plugins that are worth your time and attention.

Top 3 Woocommerce Plugins for Creating Assortment Bundles

1. WISDM Custom Product Boxes


The WISDM Custom Product Box is a powerful plugin for creating pre-designed or custom product assortments. 

Designed by WisdmLabs for WooCommerce, this plugin can seamlessly integrate into your WooCommerce store. The company even provides a 15-Day Free Trial to help you understand its application before making the purchase.

Key features of WISDM Custom Product Boxes

  • Create Unlimited Product Assortments: You can create an unlimited flexible mix and match bundles with variations in product categories, product quantity, and pricing.
  • Give A Store-wide Consistent Experience: You can choose a custom bundle layout that matches the theme and aesthetic of your Woocommerce store, giving a consistent experience to your customers when they are creating their own bundles.
  • Indicate Product Availability: Time-specific product unavailability notifications can be automatically updated on your WooCommerce store, helping your customers create their desired product combinations in a timely manner.
  • Provide Product Images and Description: You can also include featured images and short product descriptions to every product in your store to reduce customer confusion and help them create the product bundles that are best suited for their needs.
  • Offer Flexible Subscription Options: You can offer monthly and annual subscription options to your customers as they complete their customized product bundles. 
  • Set Dynamic Pricing and Discounts: This plugin also enables you to set dynamic pricing for product bundles. So you can automatically extend bulk buying discounts, limited period offers, or waive off shipping costs for customers buying bundles.
  • Enable Bundle Gifting: Your customers can also gift bundles to another consumer, adding gifting messages while placing the order.

Furthermore, you could also experience and test out the plugin and its features by exploring its Live Demo.

Moreover, this premium plugin comes with extensive customer support known for its quick replies and great problem-solving attitude.

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2. YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

yith product bundles

Designed by YITH, this is the most flexible and widely used product bundling plugin in the market. 

While there is a free version of the plugin that allows you to offer pre-designed product bundles to your customers, its premium version is the one that is highly recommended.

Key features of YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

  • Create Pre-designed And Flexible Bundles: Much like the other top plugins in this category, this plugin also allows you to create pre-designed bundles while giving you the flexibility of providing mix and match functionality on your WooCommerce store.
  • Assign Fixed Or Dynamic Pricing: You can offer fixed price bundles or dynamic price bundles where the final bundle price can be decided based on the products selected by your customers.
  • Create Bundles With Product Variations: Product bundle variations are possible on the basis of product categories, quantity, and discounts. Furthermore, you can also assign shipping costs for the entire bundle or to the individual items added to the bundle by your customers.
  • Manage Out-of-Stock Products: If even one selected item is out of stock, this plugin can automatically set the product bundle status as out of stock. This way, your customers can either change their product combination or come back to make the purchase at a later date.
  • Create Purchase Urgency Through Discounts: You can highlight product discounts or bundle discounts as savings to your customers on the checkout page. You can even prompt the urgency of purchase by offering limited period discounts.
  • Use Quick Links With Ease: This plugin also has ‘Quick View’ and ‘Display the Bundle’ active links which you can activate to further ease your customers’ buying process.

In addition, you can also check out its Live Demo to understand its functions. This will give you a better understanding of the plugin.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” style=”flat” background=”#960000″ size=”8″ center=”yes” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #000000″ title=”Explore YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles”]Explore YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles![/su_button]


3. WooCommerce Mix and Match Productsmix n match product

WooCommerce Mix and Match is another all-rounder product bundling plugin that you can consider for your WooCommerce store. 

Designed by Backcourt Development, this plugin comes with an annual subscription plan which is quite affordable and designed to capture all major bundling features.

Key features of WooCommerce Mix and Match

  • Define Product Quantity and Variations: You can set minimum and maximum quantities of simple products and product variations that can be added in a bundle by customers while choosing their own mix and match options.
  • Set Dynamic Bundle Pricing: Like the other top bundling plugins, this plugin also enables you to install dynamic pricing when customers are creating their bundles. Bundle pricing can vary as per the products selected and shipping costs.
  • Create Customized Assortment Delivery Schedules: With this plugin, you can also allow your customers to get their entire assortment shipped separately, instead of as a single order, or set a later date and time for its shipping.
  • Stay True To Your Site’s Design: The plugin seamlessly integrates mix and match assortments with the design and theme of your WooCommerce store, ensuring that your customers have a smooth site experience.
  • Enable Personal Messaging With Bundles: You can also allow your customers to add personal messages along with the customized bundles created on your store, before placing the order.

Unfortunately, the plugin doesn’t offer a Live Demo for you to test out the plugin.

However, even though this plugin has limited features, it still allows your customers to mix and match products with relative ease.

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And, with the right plugin installed, it is very easy to sell custom product assortments on your WooCommerce store.  Not only does this functionality delight your customers and significantly improves their buying experience, but it also boosts your store’s revenue and customer lifetime value. 

So once you have made up your mind about offering this empowering customization experience to your customers, find the best plugin for your store and get ready to witness your revenue and profitability soar!

Love Shah

Love Shah

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