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    Sai Krishna Pothamsetty
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Hurray! It is that time of the year again! It is time for new resolutions and some old reflections.

Time just flies by, doesn’t it? It seems like just yesterday, we were making plans for 2017. Now, here we are, staring at a whole new year with full determination.

A wise man once said, “Time is not measured by Clocks, but by moments”. Well, we had quite a few memorable moments in 2017 and we would like to share it with our readers.

Wisdm Times

January: We moved into a plush new office in Thane. The perfect start to a perfect year ahead. The office was decorated like a gift from heavens which magnified our positive holiday spirits.


February: WisdmLabs completed 5 years of stellar growth since its inception. We are now a family of 90+ Wisdmites, working together to provide our clients game-changing open source solutions. To mark this achievement, we celebrated our foundation day with vigour and fervour. Foundation day also inspired us to reckon our road-map for the future, keeping in mind our vision and ambitions.


May: We reached a revenue milestone and it was time to celebrate, i.e., party hard! The success party was legendary. Cultural performances lit up the day and the words of wisdom emanating from the pillars of WisdmLabs gave us ample material to reflect upon. The journey until now was not an easy one. The journey ahead will be more challenging and we are ready to work harder, better, stronger and faster!


September: Our flagship product, Edwiser RemUI was crowned the bestselling Moodle UX theme. At the Leadership and Development Summit 2017, we had the privilege to present our full-fledged LMS solution, eLucid. It has received critical acclaim and is now raring to go! webp to png e1515474283612


October: As the year came to a high spirited conclusion, we were ready for our annual excursion. No stones were left unturned to make the day as memorable as possible. The mere location of our outing was breathtaking. Team Nexus, an alliance of the pillars of WisdmLabs, ensured the event was filled with games, mirth, and awe. It was a well deserved Wisdm’s day out.


Wisdm’s Day Out – Wisdm Insider 5

Wisdm Heights

2017 was a defining year for us. We extended our portfolio, churned new products and made our presence felt in the industry. For starters, we became Event Espresso Pros.

We also closed partnership deals with leading plugin owners, e-commerce platforms, e-learning platforms and WordPress stalwarts.

Plugin Masters

In 2017, we released 3 plugins:

Ratings, Reviews, and Feedback: This plugin enables your users to provide genuine feedback, comprehensive reviews, and honest ratings for a course.

Wisdm Games for WordPress: A super-fun plugin which brings popular games to your website.

Advanced Course Manager: With this plugin, you can create courses visually, easily manage student enrollment, enhance your student communication and much more.

Service and Partnership Experts

In the services end, we forged partnerships with leading platforms like SkyVerge, LifterLMS, etc.

We became authors on leading WordPress blogs such as eLearningIndustry,, etc. Our affiliate program reached new heights with over 15+ partnerships covering all major Open Source Development Platforms.

eLumine Ahoy!

By the end of the year, our brand new theme for WordPress, eLumine, generated a lot of buzz even before it was released. Our fingers are crossed and we hope eLumine will receive the same warm response that our products receive every time!



2018 and Beyond

WisdmLabs has always been the cornerstone of perfection. Excellence is now a habit that is hard to let go. Our work is the best example of our claims. Over the years, we have evolved and will keep on transforming for the greater good.

We wish you a brilliant and fulfilling New Year!

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

Sai Krishna Pothamsetty

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