Wisdm Games for WordPress – It’s Goodbye. But Not, The End.

    Sharon Koshy
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The decision to discontinue a product is difficult. You think about existing customers;  the effect it would have on them. That’s what matters the most. When the consequences are minimal, it’s time to take a call and move on. 

Wisdm Games for WordPress – A Plugin to Encourage Learning with Play

We’ve always been involved in the e-learning industry. That’s because we’ve always wanted to create an impact in the education space. Whether it’s through the various LearnDash plugins we’ve created, our Moodle plugins, or our corporate training platform, we made sure we contributed in every small or big way possible.

Wisdm Games was our effort to build a learn-as-you-play extension for the most popular learning management system on WordPress – LearnDash. Our thoughts were that this would be a neat plugin to engage students. And it was.

We got a good response initially. But as time progressed we realized the plugin did not have much scope in terms of features or customizability.

Stopping Support for Wisdm Games for WordPress Plugin

After careful deliberation and months of analysis or purchase and usage patterns, we’ve decided to discontinue Wisdm Games plugin. 

This means you’ll no longer be able to purchase a new license or renew your existing one. As for our current customers, we will provide support until the validity of the license (in case of a yearly license). But, we won’t be rolling out any more updates.

If you own a lifetime license, we will resolve any bugs or issues till 30th November 2019.

We’ve built Wisdm Games plugin to be compatible with WordPress and LearnDash. We do not see any issues cropping up even with upcoming versions, but we can’t guarantee smooth operations. Here are some alternatives you could opt for:

  • WP Quiz: create interactive an engaging quizzes (you might not have the same options as “millionaire”, but there are options to create Facebook-like quizzes which can be equally exciting)
  • WHA Crossword: a free plugin that lets you create crosswords
  • Hangman: to create a hangman-like game and add it to your WordPress website

Please note, these are only our recommendations and we do not take responsibility for plugin operations. It’s best to discuss any questions with the plugin vendors before adopting these products.

Looking Ahead

Although it’s the end of the road for Wisdm Games. We’re not done yet. We want to keep innovating and keep coming up with cool solutions that’ll benefit the e-learning community in every way possible. We’re right here if you have any questions, doubts, or concerns. Comment below or reach out to [email protected].


Sharon Koshy

Sharon Koshy

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