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    Mrunmayee Kulkarni
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The WooCommerce ecosystem is always brimming with new ideas. And most upcoming extensions are geared towards helping you bring in more sales.

We’ve always been happy to be a part of this thriving community and to serve you with innovative solutions. May it be our dynamic pricing extension or inquiry plugin, we’re happy to have 5000+ Woopreneurs as part of our Wisdm family.

And today, we’re especially thrilled to announce yet another addition to our suite of WooCommerce extensions. This time around is a plugin that’s been high in-demand and one that’s built to increase loyalty and signups.

*Drum rolls* please!… 😀

The WISDM Product Catalog Manager – is HERE… and it’s available for FREE!

WISDM Product Catalog Manager – Convert Your Woo-store into a Catalog



“Hide product price and ‘Add to Cart’ for Guest users”

The WISDM Product Catalog Manager helps convert your Woo-store into a catalog, by allowing you to hide price and purchase options for unregistered users. The plugin is effortless to install and use and offers a simple settings panel using which you can hide the ‘Add to Cart’ button, or the product price and ‘Add to Cart’ button for all guest visitors at once.

Your store members or registered customers could continue being able to see the product’s cost and be able to buy it as usual. But your WooCommerce store could easily be turned into a shopping catalog for unregistered users.

product catalog manager1.0.0 header banner 1The plugin helps you:

  • create a product catalog on WooCommerce
  • hide price and purchase options for guest users
  • allow registered customers to shop as usual
  • lure guest users to register to buy products
  • direct interested buyers to log in or a price negotiation page before they make a purchase
  • make existing members feel special by letting them buy directly from your store

The WISDM Product Catalog Manager works best on any WooCommerce store. But, it is especially useful if your products don’t have a standard price if you sell services, or if you have exclusive pricing for members (think of combining this plugin with WISDM Customer Specific Pricing’s magic – and set special pricing for registered buyers).

This catalog plugin can also be used to let you preview your store or upcoming collection to interested potential buyers – the plugin to team this up with is WISDM Scheduler for WooCommerce – nothing like a ticking countdown timer to get people to sign up.

What’s on the Roadmap

While the plugin works great as is – and very easily meets its intended purpose, we have a lot more planned. We’re going to closely integrate this plugin with our two most popular WooCommerce extensions – WISDM Product Enquiry Pro and WISDM Customer Specific Pricing.

This close-knit integration will allow you to hide price and ‘Add to Cart’ button for customers, roles, or groups, and will also allow you to replace the hidden product details with an inquiry button.

We’re also working on selectively hiding product pricing and purchase information for a category of products.

Getting the Real deal

If you’re someone who values a good deal – and this one’s a real steal – we encourage you to check out our Sales Booster pack for WooCommerce that’s got all our leading premium extensions (and now WISDM Product Catalog Manager included) at a highly discounted price.

Over to You

If you’re interested in setting up a product catalog on WooCommerce or want to offer preferential purchase options only to registered users – this extension is for you. With this extension, you can disable all paths to checkout and purchase for any guest visitor on your store.

You can show them a custom message, direct them to log in, or take them to a special page – to then complete the buying process.

A simple and quick solution to convert window shoppers into known leads, WISDM Product Catalog Manager is marketing done right. Get this plugin for FREE, sit back, and watch your store transform into a lead magnet.

Tell us what you think about this new extension in our comments section below!

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

Mrunmayee Kulkarni

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