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    Priyanka Gurnani
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Migrate to LearnDash

Now you discovered that LearnDash is the best e-Learning platform for building a profitable e-Learning business and you must migrate if you want to continue growing. But you have some questions like. I don’t use LearnDash, how do I go about it? Is LearnDash worth migrating to? Will this migration not ruin my learning content and business? or How would my students feel about this move to LearnDash? All these questions and more may be buzzing through your head and you want answers, worry not, this article is for you. In this article, you will understand the process involved in migrating from your existing LMS platform to LearnDash. Let’s proceed by understanding the data that will be needed for a successful migration.

What Data Will Need to be Migrated?

Data Migration

Migrating from one LMS platform to another can be tedious if you are using the wrong tools, you will surely experience some hassles and hiccups. This is where we come in, the
Wisdmlabs migration services make this process a safe ground. Check out the list below to see in detail what this top-notch service will do for you.


Courses and Course Categories
Our migratory services team will look into your database, copying all your courses in the order of their categories. It doesn’t matter the volume of your courses or your course structure, our service will take care of it. The Wisdmlabs migration services will also package your courses associating them according to their names, descriptions, images, categories, types, and fields.

Course Content, Lessons, Topics, Quiz, Quiz progress, Associated Certificate

You may have created hundreds of lessons, topics, quizzes, and even recorded your students’ progress. You don’t have to worry about all these complexities or the certificate awards you have created before, our migratory services will take care of it all. Our migration services team has devised a four-step process involving the developing, testing, and upgrading of your e-Learning platform to LearnDash. This makes
our migration service one, if not the best service for smoothly migrating your e-Learning content from your old LMS software to the LearnDash ecosystem. You don’t need to suffer limitations anymore, hook up with LearnDash where the best tools for increasing your business revenue are readily available. And our migration service is the sure way.

User Roles

User Roles and Groups
The Wisdmlabs migration service will keep your user roles and groups from alteration in your new platform. This ensures that your migrated contents and user privileges are not mixed up after your data is successfully transferred to the LearnDash platform. The health of your e-Learning content is dependent on the correct assignment of user roles and groups. 
During data migration, some immature migration service providers will mess up your data, assigning your instructors a student role and your students an instructor capability. Furthermore, other migration service providers will associate your group names with an incorrect course. All of these things are easily avoidable. This is why, when migrating your e-Learning data to LearnDash, you must use the Wisdmlabs migration services.

Course Status and Payment Settings

Imagine your disappointment if, after all your efforts to join the big boys on LearnDash, you discovered that the migration process messed up your data. That will be very disappointing. We recommend that you use our tried and tested migration service to avoid regrets and bad memories. Our service will ensure that the course enrollment, course completion, and course author statuses are all maintained without hiccups after the migration. Furthermore, our migration services will handle all of your payment gateway settings. You don’t want to discover that your e-Learning platform no longer accepts or sends payments after your migration. That will be bad for business, which is why you should use our migration services to make your life so much easier.
Now that you know what data our migration services will migrate for you, let’s proceed to the steps you’ll take to complete this migration.

Steps to Migration

Migration Steps

We understand the confusion that e-Learning business owners face when transitioning from other e-Learning systems to LearnDash. As a result, we’ve created a four-step process outlined below for migrating your data from your old LMS system to LearnDash.

Staging sites

Setting up a Staging Site
Firstly, we will create a staging site for your business. This is where we will begin the process of repackaging and rebuilding your site to work with LearnDash. We install and set up LearnDash, all other supporting plugins, and the payment gateway of your choice. Next, we transfer your data to this staging site, testing it along the way to ensure that there are no bugs. Furthermore, migrating your data to a staging site first ensures that the user experience is not negatively affected and that the site is made live once the process is complete.

CSV file

Creating a CSV File
Following step one, we will create a CSV file for your e-Learning business. We will use this CSV file to map all of the fields on your old website and move them to the appropriate fields on the new one we are building for you. Our migration service ensures that all of your e-Learning content stored in various fields in your database is properly patterned and represented on the new website.


Migrating the Data in Batches and Testing as you go
We employ the “divide and conquer” strategy to ensure that the accuracy and integrity of your data are maintained. We segment your data into batches and map them all to your new site step-by-step. This method greatly simplifies the data migration process, lowering the likelihood of errors. We will import all of your courses, quizzes, active subscribers, and other meta information onto your new site once this process is in place.


Final Testing and Verification
Finally, as part of this four-step migration process, our team meticulously examines your new site to ensure that it meets the specifications you provided. We want to ensure that your new website meets our high-quality standards. To accomplish this, we take pride in meticulously probing and inspecting your new website. This is required to ensure that your site is bug-free. Once we have tested and certified that your site is indeed bug-free and ready to go, we notify you that it will be uploaded to a production server of your choice.


To summarize, many e-Learning businesses had previously experienced data breaches and distortion during migration; however, things have changed. Migrating your e-Learning data from your old LMS to LearnDash used to be a painful process. But now with the help of our experienced development team, we devised a four-step migration process for smoothly transferring your e-Learning data from your old LMS to the gleaming LearnDash. This move is required for your e-Learning business to reach the next level of revenue generation and profitability. You can quickly book our migration services now and switch to LearnDash while following best migration practices.
Priyanka Gurnani

Priyanka Gurnani

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