How to Increase Customer Engagement on WooCommerce Site With Loyalty Programs and Reward Points

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WooCommerce loyalty program is the best tool you could ask to retain and maintain a loyal customer base. With the advent of more WooCommerce websites, it is mandatory to select the ideal plugin to suit your business purpose. This article will assist you in doing that, and also boost WooCommerce sales through loyalty programs. 

Better customer engagement in your WooCommerce site means better sales and revenue. The loyalty programs are a secure way of improving your audience engagement rate. With WooCommerce loyalty rewards, you provide the audience and customers a unique opportunity to become a crucial part of your business growth. 

Audience engagement is guaranteed, increase in sales and revenue are a byproduct of the best loyalty programs. In this article, you will know about the best WooCommerce loyalty plugin for better audience engagement and steps to be followed for increasing engagement. 

These methods will fetch you results and also allow you to implement the best strategies for loyalty programs. Let us walk through the best practices for increasing audience engagement in your WooCommerce site without any further delay.

How to Increase Customer Engagement on WooCommerce Site with Loyalty Programs and Reward Points

Things to Look for in a Loyalty Program

Implementing a loyalty program is not a simple task; it involves attention to many vital things such as the plugin used for the loyalty program, your audience base, loyalty program architecture, and, most importantly, “how user friendly and easy” it is to install the plugin. When all these things are combined, the result will be excellent.

In this part of the article, you will learn about it with an example of the best loyalty plugin in the WooCommerce space. The best WooCommerce loyalty program answer’s one essential and mandatory question, “What plugin or tool to choose for the site’s loyalty program?”. If your answer to this question is precise, then engaging customers is guaranteed. 

Choosing the right and best program depends a lot on the plugin you select to implement it. Here we have given you an example of an ideal plugin in the market—simple and easy installation, with an advanced, user-friendly interface. 

Installation of the best loyalty program plugin in the WooCommerce landscape. Before initializing the installation procedure, download the plugin file in your system from the download page. 

Step one: Log in to your WordPress account and select add new plugin menu in your main WordPress dashboard.

01 add new plugin

Once you click the add new plugin button, you will be redirected to the “upload plugin” page to select the plugin zip file from the downloads.

                          02 upload plugin from download

Step two: Click the upload plugin, and you will see a “Browse” for file option to select the plugin zip file downloaded. Select the loyalty plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.

                           03 upload loyalty zip file

Install the plugin with a simple click of the button; no coding or programming required.

                           04 install loyalty plugin button

Step three: After installing the plugin, you need to “Activate” the plugin, and you are ready to improve your customer engagement through effective loyalty programs.

                         05 plugin activation

Simple and easy installation is what a useful loyalty plugin should deliver. This is how your plugin should make the process easier for you while implementing an effective loyalty program. As mentioned earlier, choosing the right plugin is the most critical part of making the best loyalty program. The right WooCommerce loyalty program can improve your customer engagement within a short period. 

The plugin you select must be simple and easy to install and, at the same time, must be significant enough to implement your creative ideas. There are only a handful of plugins available in the WooCommerce space with that ability. Therefore select the best one that suits your business needs.

How to Increase customer engagement using loyalty programs and reward Points – Mandatory knowledge to make the cut

Now, coming to the crucial part of the article. This part of the article contains some well-researched information that can make your website’s customer engagement peak through the roof. As observed, these points are mandatory to formulate the best WooCommerce loyalty program, which guarantees customer loyalty and engagement. You need to know the vital loyalty factors that can influence your customer engagement rate on your website.

Repeated Customers with Reward Points

Reward points offered to specific customers through loyalty programs not only increase your WooCommerce revenue but also drastically increase your customer’s engagement rate. How does it improve the customer engagement rate? Well, for starters, it makes the customer spend more time on your WooCommerce site. This, in turn, will get converted into revenue; apart from the revenue part, the engagement rate will increase once the customer spends more and more time on your site. 

For example, you offer a customer reward point that they can redeem in their next purchase, say $150 worth of reward points. This makes the customer spend more time selecting the right product to save the free reward point, thereby increasing engagement. 

Also, recent research revealed the fact that there is an increase in repeated customers to WooCommerce sites with a regular offering of reward points. This not only increases your customer base but also makes your WooCommerce site the first choice for purchases.

Loyalty Programs Tailored to Meet Audience Demands

It is essential to know your audience’s behavior pattern. The best WooCommerce loyalty program is the one that reaches every single individual virtually. This can only be achieved by understanding your audience, and to do it, you need to analyze your loyalty program’s real-time response. When it comes to loyalty programs, you need to understand customer needs. 

For example, when you offer a customer reward points through a loyalty program for their next purchase in the electronics category. But the customer is interested in clothes and accessories; it is evident from their previous purchases. Therefore the reward for the electronic type will not be redeemed any time soon. 

Understand customer intention and offer them a tailor-made loyalty program. This will ensure that customer needs are fulfilled and form a unique bridge between the customer and your WooCommerce site. With tailor-made loyalty offers, the customer will spend more time on your site to increase their loyalty points by purchasing their required products.

Engaging Customers with Regular Loyalty Updates on Offers

Make the customers feel their importance in your business. It can be done with regular updates about your loyalty program. Boost Woocommerce sales and customer loyalty by engaging them regularly with the best offers and updating them about the offers. When you put up a special discount WooCommerce coupon for customers enrolled in your loyalty program, make the customers know about it. Make them understand that this special discount is a thank you from your WooCommerce site. 

By regularly updating your customers in loyalty programs about offers and sales, you make them feel special. This makes customers often visit your site and spend quality time on your site.  WooCommerce loyalty rewards and coupons are among the best ways to bring in more customers and improve your customer experience on the site.

Forge a Bridge of Credibility with Loyal Customers 

06 Store customer loyalty rewards widget

Users who are enrolled in your loyalty program are more likely to remain trusted and loyal customers. The program ensures that your customer’s trust and credibility on your WooCommerce site is never lost. By providing this, you make every customer your brand advocate. When a customer is given credit and responsibility for your WooCommerce success, they automatically engage themselves in your site and suggest improvements. 

This method increases the chances of retaining a large customer base and also increases your new customer. A nudge to convert visitors into customers, credibility on your website makes them remain with your business for a long time.

Enhance Reach and Offers for Loyalty Program Members

Reach out to your customers who are enrolled in your loyalty program and display your gratitude through offers. Generally, you need to be aware of what should be done to improve customer loyalty on your website. That, too, for improving customer engagement, you need to be accurate, and a single misstep can take you a long way back. 

For example, when a customer from your loyalty program faces some issues on your site and is reaching out to your customer service for help, it should be given high priority. By doing so, you ensure that your loyal customer is taken care of without any delay. This increases your customer satisfaction and also will allow them to become a better part of your business.

By offering premium service and contributes to your loyalty program customers, you indirectly make them visit your WooCommerce site more often. At a particular point, your loyal customers will become your brand ambassadors and will bring in many new customers. This not only increases your sales but also, in the long run, this will make sure that your business always remains on top.

How Loyalty Program Improve Customer Engagement? 

Deliver a positive customer experience throughout a customer’s purchase cycle, reward your customers for every move they make. This will increase their trust and credibility towards your WooCommerce site, increasing their engagement rate on your WooCommerce site. 

Better customer engagement cannot be achieved overnight, but with proper tools and effective loyalty programs, it can be achieved in a short period without any hassle. Increasing customer engagement through loyalty programs is not a direct method but an effective method with a proven track record. The subtility of every loyalty program is directed towards better customer retention and engagement rate. 

Make the best WooCommerce loyalty program with the best plugin for the purpose. This makes the process easier and effective. There are many loyalty points plugin out there but identify the best one that suits your business needs.


Increasing customer engagement in your WooCommerce site through the best WooCommerce loyalty program is one of the best options for better audience reach and engagement. Make sure that you know the intricacies of a loyalty program before you embark on the journey. Leverage the customers’ loyalty towards your WooCommerce site to deliver better results. 

Understand customer loyalty and requirements through an effective loyalty program. Improve your sales and increase every individual customer engagement in your WooCommerce site.

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